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    The Biography of King Eduard Alamar.

    His Majesty King Eduard Fredrick Rupert Alamar the third took to the throne at the tender age of sixteen when his father King Fredrick Alexander Alamar the fourth was killed in battle defending the Realm of Callander form it's enemies. The land went into a state of mourning as the young Prince was forced to ascend to the throne while the war raged on.

    In honor of his father he was determined to bring the savage war to an end and stop the suffering of his people. In an unprecedented move, the young king proposed an alliance and to cement it, a marriage to the rival King's daughter who is now known as Queen Katrine.

    It was then the not so happy marriage begun but peace was finally bestowed across the land and the people had a new marriage to celebrate. The marriage did however prove fruitful as the Queen bore him a son and heir as well as a beautiful daughter.

    The Kings one indiscretion was taking a fancy to one of the Queens Ladies in Waiting. It was a brief love affair as the young woman quickly fell pregnant with the kings bastard son. The Queen was furious at the discovery and the young maid was quickly and discreetly sent away to give birth and rear the child till his sixth birthday.

    The Kings reign was prosperous and the land flourished with the people of Callander experiencing the benefits of his fair and just policies, never over taxing them and always spending money were it was most needed, on the vulnerable.

    The King has left his people and his sons a formidable legacy but the final tale of that legacy has yet to be written and peace is never known to last long.

    King Eduard Alamar (Mortal) King_Edward_VII_portrait_zps567300d5
    A portrait of King Eduard at the age of fifty two on the day of Prince Christians Homecoming.

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