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    Elizabeth Wenham (MORTAL) Empty Elizabeth Wenham (MORTAL)

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    Name: Elizabeth Wenham.
    Alias/Nickname: Beth.
    Age: Twenty years old.
    Birthdate: The second day of The Long Night.
    Family:Is an only child of Helena and William Wenham. Helena Wenham recently of a mysterious disease leaving William a widower.
    Home: Wycombe.

    Elizabeth Wenham (MORTAL) Kiriban_by_myambeon-d4b6ijo_zpsb9c142ca

    Height: 5 feet 5 inches.
    Weight: 90 pounds.
    Complexion: Sallow.
    Body type: Although petite she has natural curves even though she is a little on the skinny from a life of hardship where food was sometimes sparse.
    Hair: Long wavy locks of Auburn hair that reaches her waist. Normally styled with twisted rolls along the side with the rest of her hair loose.
    Eyes: Rich Golden eyes.


    Elizabeth is generally a shy, quiet soul keeping most of her thoughts and opinions to herself as the women in her time are meant to seen and not heard. If people took the time to know her they would find she is a kind and gentle soul. But given recent events she is weary and afraid to trust, being forced from the only place she knew as home. She's frightened in a world she doesn't know how to survive in. But she's got an underlying strength to survive and persevere.

    Elizabeth Wenham (MORTAL) Indomito_by_soniaverdu_zps602745fc


    Elizabeth's ancestors originated from the old Barony. Her great great great grand father was once a solider, duty and honor bound to protect the citizens that lived there. The name Wenham was honorable and respected that was until the great fire. No one knew how the fire started,  but unbeknownst to them a meteor shower had fallen to Earth and many of them had landed within the village walls. Landing amongst wood and hay a fire was inevitable as the town peaceful slumbered. Half the town was a blaze before John Wenham finally discovered the fire. His duty, he knew was to run to the far side of the city and ring the bell to alert the sleeping people. But the fire was mere feet away from his family home where his wife and son slept.

    Confronted with the most difficult decision of his life, he chose to save his family and sacrifice the village. The fire spread quickly as he ushered his young family to safety outside of the village walls. He turned back to rescue the village but the fire had already consumed to much and the flames spit back at him. He managed to help a few stragglers who had escaped their homes but he was only greeted by disgust and hate. The few survivors went far and wide disgracing the Wenham family that has continued for generations.

    Present Day

    Elizabeth spent most of her life as an outsider having been burdened with her families shame her whole life. She had no real friends to speak of but she was always comforted by her mother and fathers love.

    Life was pretty uneventful until her 20th year when the butchers son suddenly took an interest in her. Given her families name and her mother's ailing health her father urged to accept the proposal of marriage as they wanted very little dowry for her and she would have financial security for her life and lose the families cursed name.

    But Elizabeth could not marry the man, he had physically repulsed her and knew that she would be mistreated by him should she accept. The day she told the butchers son she would not wed him, her mother finally lost the battle with her illness and she was grief stricken blaming herself for breaking her mother's heart.

    The day she was due to say her final goodbyes, she was rudely awoken by her father in a frantic panic. The village had deemed her a witch, blaming her for the death of her mother and also saying that her auburn hair was a sign of the devil. Her father ushered her out a back door while he tried to hold off the angry mob. She has been running through the forestry ever since with no idea of the direction she was heading and no idea what happened to her father who tried to protect her.

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