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    Thor Steven McGregor (MORTAL)


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    Thor Steven McGregor (MORTAL)

    Post  KC on Fri Jun 01, 2012 2:54 pm

    NAME: Thor Steven McGregor
    NICKNAME: Usually just T or Thor
    NATIONALITY: Australian
    Father -Michael(Mick) Andrew McGregor(Deceased)
    Mother - Elizabeth(Liz) Rose Harper(Deceased)
    Robert(Robbie) Shane Mcgregor (Deceased)
    Rex Ian McGregor
    Seth Patrick McGregor
    Daniel(Danni) Ryan McGregor
    Alex Matthew McGregor

    -Children- None
    OCCUPATION: Police Officer / SS Soldier

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single and loving it (or in other words total manwhore)
    RESIDES AT: 7 Moss Street
    was born and raised on the family farm in northern WA in a small country town. the family farm was very large. After the death of his parents Thor settled in with the Cortez family for a short time who owned a plantation next door. When he was sent to America to live with his uncle and aunt he settled into the estate at number 7 Moss lane and has lived their ever since. the place is huge and contains a portion of the beach, cove and private island. his grandfather built the original riverboat house however Thor has added with a new beach house, restored jetty and made several additions to the four story estate house at the front of the property. the exterior is surrounded by a limestone wall, seven feet in height with black wrought iron electric gates at the entrance.
    HAIR: Short black, often spiked
    EYES: Green
    Supports several tattoos, all bearing particular stories.
    CLOTHING PARTICULARS:unless in uniform he is almost always seen in jeans and a black singlet or board shorts.
    Thor is a complex individual, He is quiet yet can walk into a room and own it without having to say a word. He is sensitive but can hide his emotions with supreme effort and can smokescreen a shrink from the truth, having been to more then his fair share. He is easily defensive over women and cannot stand domestic violence. He is a ladies man, not wanting to commit to a relationship in fear of what happened to his parents will happen to him. He is fearful of turning into his father. Thor is often manic with his moods and has a problem with anger so to speak. He is a hard worker and a hard partyer. has a history of drug abuse and when delving into it this tends to add to his moodiness.
    Sees self as: Thor never pays attention to himself other then to believe he is a screwup who has too much money and no idea what to do with it
    Is seen by others as: A ladiesman, the local partyboy
    HABITS: Dissapears without a word for hours up until months. speaks with brutal honesty, sometimes a little too harshly. often does things just to piss uptight people off because he finds it highly amusing.
    BEST FRIEND: Miguel
    OTHER FRIENDS: Cleo, Scott, and countless more
    ENEMIES and WHY:
    Carol because he couldnt keep it in his pants when it came to her sister
    Keen surfer, loves building cars and wrecking them. enjoys most activities involving danger and possible pain. Naked paintball and drinking ones self stupid
    Born to a wealthy couple in a small country town, located in the Northern region of Western Australia, Thor is the fourth son of the McGregor family. His childhood was a typical country boys lifestyle, getting dirty and always in some kind of trouble.

    The McGregor family was always the perfect well to do family in the public eye, their home life of which was not. Thor grew up to have a hateful relationship with his father. His father was abusive to his mother, a scene of which noone would witness other then Thor, who whilst often sneaking around the estate house through the nooks and crannies or along ceiling rafters had on various occasions witness his father beating his mother.
    On one occasion, unable to hide his anger, Thor had beaten his father with a spare tennis racket. His mother pleaded for him to stop once his old man was well knocked out. He has not spoken to any of his siblings or others over the matter, the secret only kept between himself and his parents.

    Family events involved the six brothers from a young age, all competative with eachother, mostly because of Michael's success is love way of being a father. The boys competed in sports such as horseriding, motorcross, soccer and snooker to name a few. Their eldest, Robert had tragically taken a fall in an event when Thor was 14. Robert and Thor were teamed up on a cross country course, The incident happening out beyond the eyes of others. His father blamed him for roberts death.

    Thor was a popular kid throughout school, though was always quiet. He has grown up with his best friend Miguel, the two barely inseprable and always in the headmasters office.
    At the turn of his 16th birthday, a week left Michael and Elizabeth were involved in a horrific accident, and due to the small population word had passed around, Thor skipping out when hed caught his surname and mention of the creek crossing where an accident had taken place. Thor had stumbled onto the scene of his parents car, overturned and crushed. Both died at the scene, the police pulling Thor back as he screamed and yelled.

    The outcome of the McGregor's passing is the reasoning behind Thors existance in Arcadia. Rex, as he was of age was able to run the McGregor property and family business's from there on out, allowing Seth to stay with him. However Danni and Alex were sent to their aunt and uncle, two towns south and Thor was sent to his grandfathers estate in Arcadia, Co run by his distant uncle. He made every attempt to move back too his old way of life in australia, missing his friends and brothers dearly. Rex overtook his fathers role, his attitude becoming more and more like Michaels until Thor and Rex barely spoke.

    After his uncle and aunt had handed the estate over to their nephew, Thor has now made it a multi billion dollar profit through various businesses. Miguel has moved over to Arcadia after graduation and from there onwards it has been a party ever since.

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