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    Dustin Reid (mortal)


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    Dustin Reid (mortal)

    Post  KC on Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:27 pm

    NAME:Dustin Reid
    NICKNAME: Called Reid by his workmates, Reidy (sometimes Dustbin by a few closer mates) by his mates
    NATIONALITY: American
    Father – Henry Reid
    Mother – Maggie Reid
    Charlie Reid – currently incarcerated in state prison
    -Ex wife- Rachel Hobson
    -Children- Daughter – Millie Reid, known as Millie Hobson aged 4
    OCCUPATION: Fire fighter
    RESIDES AT: Currently resides at the local firehouse in the overnight rooms since moving to Drag
    Raised in a small country town where his father was fire chief and his mother ran a small deli. Their home was a town house on a large block and occupying pet goats
    HAIR: Short dark brown, often kept super short for work
    EYES: Grey
    Small amount of stubble
    Small tattoo of ‘Millie’ and her birth date on his left pectoral muscle
    CLOTHING PARTICULARS:Often gets around in Jeans and t-shirts or plain singlets and in his casual fiery polo shirt and fire pants
    Dustin is kind hearted and down to earth.
    Sees self as: just a guy trying to find his little girl
    Is seen by others as: - Dustin is known to be ‘that random guy’ since he is quiet and not well known around the new areas
    HABITS: keeps a six pack for football games on a Friday night, runs every morning at sun up.
    BEST FRIEND: His good friend James however since James and Rachel ran off together the friendship is off the cards
    OTHER FRIENDS: Some of the other firefighters but again since moving he has left his old life behind
    ENEMIES and WHY: his ex wife and now ex best friend for obvious reasons
    Spending time with his daughter, visiting his mum and dad for Sunday roast
    Dustin grew up always wanting to do something cool for a job, eventually taking after his father and becoming a fireman. A nice country lad he moved to the city in his late teens with the family after his brother was convicted of a crime. The family did not speak of what had happened but none the less moved so his mother was closer to both sons.

    A dedicated fireman, Dustin has always worked tirelessly and loves his job. Though eventually as he met new people in his new home he formed a new love in the form of Rachel Hobson, a local blonde bombshell who had managed to catch his attention. The two dated for two years before a love struck Dustin proposed and they married. Shortly after Rachel fell pregnant and they welcomed a beautiful daughter Millie to make their world perfect.

    Only things went south pretty damn quickly and so did Rachel, who one day vanished with Millie and Dustin’s best friend James. Angry and heartbroken after coming home to an empty house, Dustin has been tirelessly trying to find Rachel and James only to see his daughter. Since that time his house remained cold and empty and eventually Dustin decided he needed a change, he needed to leave the city. It is here that we find Dustin having moved with a suitcase of his belongings to Drag much to the dismay of his mother.


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