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    Conrad Tattahara


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    Conrad Tattahara

    Post  KC on Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:17 am

    Name – Conrad Tattahara

    Marital status – Married but seperated

    D.O.B – 24/10/1963
    Technical age - 50
    Age appearing - 26

    Race – Human/Immortal

    Origins – Islander

    Biological father unknown
    Biological mother- Arona (D)
    Sister Lani (Alana) (D)
    Brother - Henare (Henry) (D)
    Step father George
    Wife – Rill
    Son – Taff Jnr

    Height – 6'2
    Build – Broad shouldered with muscular definition
    Skin Complexion: Olive complexion
    Hair – Black short cut blonde tips
    Eyes- an unusual silvery grey colouration
    Clothing- Often seen barefoot or in issued boots, Jean and muscle tank top/ shirts or issued uniforms.

    Personality: Conrad is quieter these days and orderly, used to being in control and a natural leader. Crossed he is ruthless, to friends and family he is fiercely loyal

    Best Friend- Sebastian
    Other Friends- Fleck, Paige, his new neighbours Jason and Maddi
    Enemies- Twins Ethan and Lawrence.

    Strengths – Stubborn will to conquer and knack for performing under pressure. Ability to selfheal over time though this takes longer with larger wounds. Increased strength, agility.

    Weaknesses – His emotional ties to family and friends, desire to be in control. When he is not he is uncomfortable. His stubborn demeanour can often become a weakness. Regeneration if killed can take some time and is excruciating.

    Bio- Originated from a small island community where his mother lived as a single parent until later entering marriage with a caucasian man named George. Conrad’s Biological father is unknown to him. George and Arona had a further two children together, A girl named Lani(Alana) and Boy Henare (Henry) however George made no effort to be a parent to any of the three children, often spending much more time staring into the bottle or excercising his 'right' as a husband by abusing Arona and living selfishly. Conrad grew up fast, looking after his mother and siblings until he entered an argument with his step father which saw him beaten severly. George consequently killed Lani and henare in revenge for his wifes lack of control over her first born. Conrad was removed from the village by a chief and taken to live with a neighbouring village. He never saw his mother again until he returned home to bury her. After deciding it was in his best interests, Conrad was sent to the mainland to attend boarding school where he met his friends and future wife Rill.
    In his teens after one run in too much with the cops Conrad had choice of prison or service, thus entering the armed forces and eventually undergoing training to become a sniper. Much of his service record is not known unless read from a confidential military file and Conrad does not speak much of, if any of his past in the service. During their years at the school, Rill was tragically killed and he was left to raise his son Taff (Named after a family friend who had also died) During this time he finished his mechanics qualification and took over management of Eddie’s vehicle maintenance shop, owning the business until he eventually sold it (mentioned below). Rill was brought back to life and they married. Registering back with the army and taking position as silent owner of Eddie’s. From here the family moved while he worked in the force until a breakdown in their relationship. Rill left with Taff and Conrad lived on his own. In later years when Taff entered a phase of troubles he came to live with Conrad until he was old enough and ugly enough to look after himself. Conrad has sold Eddie’s and pocketed seven hundred thousand, setting up an account for Taff and keeping what’s left safe.

    Present: Currently resides in a small beach house downtown a few minutes drive from his son and the base.


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