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    A lonely wolf walked with heavy steps across a dirt laden land; barren and hot. Though, he wouldn't feel the heat upon his body because he was born of fire and raised in flames. "Cawwwww." a raven, contrasted with white feathers, followed his every step. Her blue eyes pierced the ground with her stare, pupils displaying and retracting with every new direction she saw.
    Shrubs littered the ground, small and only at ankle height. There were not creatures here and if there had been, they were not big enough nor worthy to hunt. His stomach growled in protest and he frowned in response.
    He'd come to think, to search. The gates were around here, he knew it. It had been so long since he had been here but he could never forget that which was burnt into his soul; but why was he going? Not even he knew. Something was calling him and he needed to forget rumours that shrouded his heavily weighted mind. His pack was splitting, his family, leaving. It seemed to be happening so fast and he sought help. Was that why he was called here? Was that why he was being summoned? Was he being summoned? Perhaps they felt his need.
    Silence. His leathery nose sifted the ground, tail fallen as if weighted by an invisible anvil.
    Benjamin lifted his head, halting a step. Dust flew up around his paw but was quickly taken by a short gust of wind.
    The heat, attacking his eyes, caused dryness upon his emerald gaze. The brute blinked a few times replenishing the moisture under his lids but his gaze was reduced to a slit. "Ive come seeking aid." He replied.
    A darkened flame erupted at the top of his cranium, another at the base of his rump. A moment and they had begun to move around his body, a figure eight motion around his chest and back.
    Finally his eyes closed. Golden tears fell from his eyes, but in a peculiar way, they did not fall down; but up. Small stones and sand seemed to act in the same way. Gravity had ascended from around the deep coloured male. Another tear seeped through his closed eye lids this time travelling down his cheek leaving a trail, a golden vein which reproduced into another, travelling down the contour of his nose. Without warning, his face erupted in millions of intricate golden veins, glowing with wonder and throbbing with power.
    Benjamin's eyes snapped open and the painted lines travelled at lightning speed down his left front leg, illuminating the symbol hidden breath his chest. A loud, thunderous crack emanated into the air as the ground split in front of his feet, the golden lines running from his toes, outlining the cracks as they continued to spread like rivers; breaking the ground apart.

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