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    Jett Harin #98X7A


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    Jett Harin #98X7A

    Post  KC on Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:04 pm

    Character Information
    Name: #98X7A Jett Harlin (first name strictly not common knowledge)
    Nickname: Known to all as Harlin due to his criminal life. Also referred to as #98X7A by those who worked at the Roebourne facility or other subjects
    Age: Appearance of 26years actual age documented under secure files
    Sex: Male
    Breed: Immortal (genetic creation)
    Family:Parents unknown to Jett, Documented in secure files known only as a batch and assigned id number

    Jett Harlin’s genetic material has been altered and devised to suit the requirements of a federal government secret study. The reasoning behind Jett’s gifts and abilities is listed in his history below.

    As his genetic material is altered and unlike that of an average human being, Jett is able to sustain injury to maximum devastation but will regenerate at a rapid rate. For this gift he is known as an immortal. However do not mistake, any injuries sustained will slow Jett down as they would most people. In sacrifice to his energy Jett may harness enough to heal others but has never explored this further.

    In conjunction with his immortality, Jett experiences heightened emotive states, increased agility and complexity in thought processes and learning functions. This combination improves his chances of escape from difficult situations, though his increased emotive states may induce violent episodes where he looses a sense of control. This is one of a few flaws left from the study experiment. Others are not known outside of the documented study papers. Jett is able to accelerate his thought process to find complex solutions and take in large sources of information to educate himself on various matters. Possible risks involved with the constant streaming and intake is nosebleeds, migraines and possible degeneration of normal thought. On the upside, Jett’s increased agility and speed allows him to travel greater distances on foot and outlast the enemy

    A unique quality to Jett Harlin is his control over his mind and the intrusion of others. Able to pierce the layers of another’s thoughts and perceptions, Jett is able to tap into the subconscious, retrieving data ie. Inner thoughts and project his own voice. A dangerous aspect of this is Jetts ability to manipulate the subconscious, his history at Roebourne showing his few encounters with this gift and his ability to control the scientists working closely with him, all but one committing suicide in unusual circumstances.

    His unstable makeup allows Jett Harlin to alter his appearance, creating a light reflectant form which to the eye of others renders him invisible to the naked eye. In this form he is only able to see by vibration and heat waves an ability given to a unit of four individuals including himself.

    Known as #98X7A, Harlin was produced through a groundbreaking and highly secretive federal government project labelled phoenix op. the idea behind the ongoing study at the Roebourne facility (prison type science lab located 195 km into the central Simpson desert of Australia.) was to create a platoon of soldiers, individuals with specifically honed intelligence and harnessed abilities to send into battle as replacement for each soldier as disguised civilians, unarmed. Each batch was assigned a number and letter, and again with each individual within the unit. Each individual bears the identification tattoo on the ankle of their right foot.

    Unit 98X was one of three remaining units produced before the collapse of the Roebourne facility. Until the age of 13, Jett’s daily routines consisted of 5am wake up, exercise and role count, then assigned to specific duties. All non assigned subjects were herded into holding pens until taken one at a time for testing and examination. When not proceeding through routines Individuals were permitted only to the confines of their cells until meal times of which involved commuting into a hall.

    Jett was not provided with the knowledge of parents and the idea of bonding and relationships, forming no friendships in his life at the facility. This prevented the intrusion of thoughts and emotions that may have proved destructive to himself and those working at the facility.

    Whilst in examination and testing periods, Jett’s abilities were developed and put through rigorous simulations, documentation relating to this hidden in files that are thought to have been destroyed in the collapse of Roebourne. It was here where nightmares were created, testing to the scientists a form of torture to those subjected. As years past, Jett grew unruly, catching wind of an argument by an unguarded scientist concerning the rapid development of his mind dictating capabilities. As he learnt of his potential control he set about his own experiment, using the ability to tap into the mind of the lab assistant and transport officers in the lab, one officer drawing his gun and shooting himself, the other officer jumping from the fourth floor balcony before taunting the lab assistant and prompting her to inject herself with enough tranquilizer to kill her.

    As the incident highlighted his potential threat, Jett was immediately confined to quarters until a solution could be devised and he was fitted with a control collar, similar to a shock collar used on dogs. As he honed in on his abilities, the body would release a hormone to boost his strength. This collar devised to pick up on the hormones release, administered enough sedative to combat and deny him the abilities full effects.

    Upon reaching the age of 13 all individuals were herded to an open planned village, the city like area of Roebourne designed to accommodate existing and non defective individuals in sectors; living in areas based on genetic mould and desired outcomes. Those in optimum conditions were observed and directed through their teen years until of the study policies breeding age. The success rate of this second stage however failed due to the controls set in place during stage one of the study. As Jett lived like most others, he kept to himself and began to use tactics to survive, stealing and defending. As his survival techniques advanced he was able to discover a way to manipulate his physical form, bending light rays in such a way that he became invisible to others.

    The failure of the second stage of Phoenix Op prompted the official release of the facility, the government ordered an air strike to the coordinates of the facility, aiming to take out all subjects onsite. The air strike was performed, taking out ninety percent of the facility and city grounds, killing all but those who were able to survive under cover or regenerate enough to make the escape out into the wider world
    Jett entered the world on his own, leaving any survivors to their own devices. Record of his travels are non existent, stowing off on cargo ships from Australia to America and back and forth throughout Europe before later returning to America. He experienced the first instances of interaction through observing the public, forming the name of Jett Harlin to blend into society. Though his major differences to the average citizen quickly ousted him as odd and as consequence, Jett lives on survival

    Jett is to the point and often considered rude due to his lack of compassion for others. Whilst he has become aware of the interactions between people Jett is still very much removed from the deep emotive connection that most share for each other and has kept his identity boiled down to his surname, identified by others only as Harlin. he is known to loose control of his emotions easily, mostly exhibiting anger.
    Jett Harlin stands at 5.7, with even muscular definition. He has rough brown hair, Green/yellowish eyes and light to olive skin depending on the time of year
    Jett has a tattoo of his identification number on the inside of his right ankle as well as a tribal print covering his left shoulder and left pectoral muscle. He also has a double eyebrow piercing on his left eyebrow.

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