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    Careana Stormchild ( Mortal )


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    Careana Stormchild ( Mortal )

    Post  Nienna on Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:21 am

    Name: Careana Stromchild (second name taken, original last name unknown)

    Alias: Serena, Cara, Ana, Reana.

    Age: 19

    Sex: Female

    Species: Mortal.

    Job (s): Assassin / Bounty Hunter.

    Current Location : Exact location is a mystery but believed to be somewhere in South America.

    Family: Disowned ~ Has two elder Brothers, Mother deceased, Father Alive

    Eyes: Glacier Blue

    Hair: Palest Blonde to the small of her back, often braided or curled.

    Height: 5'4 1/2

    Personality: rebellious, flexible,suspicious of those much older then her, open-minded to differences and tolerant of them, once a friend she will be a friend for life. Indifferent to most unless you have her attention, she is enthusiastic about her tasks.

    Clothing: Ranges she can dress herself up to pass at the highest class of person or pass for a homeless whore, whichever gets her closest to her target.

    Other: Tattoo on her back starting on one shoulder blade and touch the other. A vivid Butterfly on her right foot sitting on a cherry blossom branch and petals dancing all around it.

    Languages : English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

    History:  Born to a high house in the world of the back stabbing and cut throat politics, she was cast-out; unlike her brothers she was born pale and looked weak. Taken in by a widowed woman, Elleana, she was raised till the age of 10 when some low life scum found their home and pulled her from Elleana’s side forced to watch as the woman was stabbed and left to die as they dragged the pale child from the hut and the only family she had ever known. Brought to a large castle she was beaten to the point where her face was barely recognizable. Tossed into cell she was left there to die or to heal whichever came first. Over 9 years she was slowly brainwashed to forget her early life and learn the ways of her captors. Like a sponge she soaked up all the knowledge they offered while silently planning her escape, over the years she attempted escape once only to escape once and herself back in a cell bloodied and half way to deaths door all because she was soft hearted and tried to take another child, a kitchen boy, with her but fearing what it would result in the boy ran to their master and told the evil man of her plan.

    Time passed and she continued to learn, her innocent appearance made her good at many aspects what she was being trained to do and she excelled. On her 18th birthday she rebelled finally strong enough to stand alone against those who had beaten the softness out of her and killed those that had taken her from Elleana’s side all those years before, in silence she slipped from room to room leaving only pools of crimson blood in her wake. Once revenge was taken she left without a trace and moved to explore the world around her.

    Weapons : Handy with most weapons but prefers her twin blades, sakit and kamatayan. She also carries a collection of throwing daggers hidden on her person at all times.

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