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    Vaughn Perry - Swordsman, Mercenary, Wanderer



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    Vaughn Perry - Swordsman, Mercenary, Wanderer

    Post  AussieKnight87 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:32 am

    NAME: Vaughn Perry (Mortal)

    NICKNAME: Perry or Per (Pronounced Pear like the fruit)

    BIRTHDATE/AGE:Unknown, judges himself to be about 30.


    FAMILY: Biological parents are unknown. Was raised in an orphanage, but ran away at about the same time hair began to grow on his chin. Fell in as an errand boy and cook with a small group of mercenaries who taught him the art of war. Whilst he is no longer part of the group, he considers his ties with those 7 men to be as strong as any families, if not more so having been partially forged in the flame of battle.

    DESCRIPTION OF HOME: None-existent, or at least in the sense of a building to call his own. He owns little more then that which he carries around with him. His 'home' is the road.

    HEIGHT: 5'10"

    HAIR: Brown

    EYES: Blue

    OTHER FACIAL FEATURES/OTHER APPEARANCE DETAILS: Numerous scars along his arms from various fights and battles. A very small scar across his right temple from a dangerously close arrow. Ask him about the story one day.

    CLOTHING PARTICULARS: Solid leather boots, woolen trousers, linen or woolen tunica depending on weather in earthen, natural colors. If given time to prepare for battle, he also posseses a thick red gambeson and a mail hauberk, as well as a pot helm with nasal bar.

    Sees self as: Reserved And Self-Righteous. Believes strongly in a sense of justice, whether others do nor not.
    Is seen by others as: Quietly Arrogant. Stubbornly attempts to enforce his views on others.
    Note to above: This isn't 'That show is better' etc, but more of a moral view. If he witnesses something that he finds something objectionable, even if it's consensual between the parties involved, he will still attempt to enforce his own personal code.


    BEST FRIEND: None human. A small semi-tame songbird that follows him would be the closest thing to a 'best friend'. Not even he knows why it follows him everywhere, usually riding on his left shoulder, as beyond sharing a few crusts at meal times he does nothing else to encourage it.

    OTHER FRIENDS: Various innkeeps and armourers throughout the country, to be detailed further at a future date. None that he could borrow exorbiant sums from, but enough that he is close enough to as to share a drink around a fire or get a small discount in purchases.

    ENEMIES and WHY: He does not know the name, and he struggles to avoid any encounters with the man himself. 3 years ago he pledged his services to a nobleman in a minor border dispute. There was no all out war, but there were a few skirmishes here and there. During one such skirmish, one of the men Per killed turned out to be the son of the enemy noble. The father, whilst duly devastated at the loss of his son, accepted is as a part of life. His wife however, did not, and has every since been attempting to track down and kill Per. He holds no personal grudge against this enemy, but it is a large part of why he moves around so much.

    HOBBIES/PASTTIMES: Whittling. And not just the idle shaving of wood from a stick, but making miniature carvings from small branches and the like. The resulting 'creations' whilst kind of looking like their intended object if you squint and hold your head on the side whilst holding it up between you and the sun are intended only for himself and are often discarded as soon as they are finished.


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