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    Post  AussieKnight87 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:22 am

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    I've been involved with some form of PBP for nearly a decade, and tabletop gaming for nearly as long.

    What draws you to writing:
    When I started as a teenager, it was more to vent then anything else. A bad day at school would be turned into a 3 or 4 page short story. Once I started getting into PBP and tabletop though, it became more about creating worlds that other people wanted to be a part of. If my players and readers aren't interested in the story I have crafted, then I have failed as a writer.

    What you wish your audience to achieve in reading your stories:
    I want them to be entertained. Not necessarily happy, but entertained. Whether that be by the cliche 'happy ending', having to stop reading for a moment to process a death or loss, or to feel the lump rising in your throat as your empathy for a character's misfortune rises. Or at least, that's what I aspire to.

    Are you offended by anything in particular? for instance, language content you wish others to be mindful off when posting with you:
    In collaborative writing, if it suits the plot, no. I won't partake in anything overly vile or debaucherous for the sake of it, it <i>must</i> make sense within the plotline. My stories tend towards the dark anyway, so my tolerance is fairly broad.

    Takes a little to get me angry but when I'm fired up though, takes a fair while to calm down again. Other then that, I attempt to adopt a 'live and let live' approach. However I don't suffer fools lightly, nor those that simply have no interest outside the confines of their own world. As the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt goes, "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people". I don't have a lot of time for people who care more for talking about what sort of shoes -insert actress of choice here- wore to -insert award ceremony of choice here- then they do about discovering that a robotics company in Chicago may have finally discovered a way for amputees to fully control their prosthetics with the remaining nerve tissue. That shit right there is important. Whether the heels were 1" or 2" is not.

    Sense of humour:
    Dark, Satirical, Sarcastic, Ironic (Actual irony, not what is often passed of as such today).

    Favourite type of character to play and why:
    As a general rule, the opposite of my real world self. If over the last few months I have been more altruistic then usual, my characters tend to be darker, ranging the gamut from 'A bit of a bastard' right through to 'Psychotic Butchering Mass Murderer'. On the flip side to that though, if I have been more callous or malicious to my fellow man, my characters tend to become more White Knights. Note that I'm a mature enough roleplayer that established characters don't have massive personality changes. If I want an evil character, I'll make a new one, not suddenly make my 'good' one kill every student at the local school in a berzerker rage.

    Not sure what this question is asking, exactly. If you want to know something specific, ask.

    Name one strength and one weakness you believe you possess:
    As far as writing goes, I describe scenes in detail and clarity. I can turn 'The man walked his dog' into something that takes up a half dozen paragraphs without writing adjectives for the sake of wordcount. And there is my weakness. I tend to write <i>too</i> much. The couple of times I have sat down to write a novel, I end up getting lost as I can't write a satisfying conclusion. I end things... awkwardly.

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