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    Name: Ebony.
    Age: 666 years old. Appropriate no?
    Species: Vampire.
    Location: High Tower in Nightmute City.


    Height: 5 foot 10inches.
    Hair: Black and sleek.
    Eyes: Grey normally. Red when feeding.
    Skin: Pale, white.


    Heightened Senses and Speed.

    Increased Strength.

    Mind control.


    Sunlight is fatal.

    Silver will poison her and with enough quantities it can be fatal.


    Ebony did not reach the top without stepping on a few bodies along the way. Power and control is everything to her and she will take down anyone and anything that stands in her way. She is manipulative, conniving and the word mercy is not in her vocabulary. If power is what you want then she can offer it to you for a price and be warned, should you play her game and lose she will make sure you never play again.


    The successor to Alexander she was received the key to the city twenty years ago. She wasn't so much chosen for the job as she took it by killing Alexander with her bare hands. Her history before this event is unknown. For all intensive purposes she simply appeared one day slayed Alexander and took control. Those who tried to oppose her were eradicated and so everyone else fell into line. For the last twenty years her main goal has been to locate the place known as Haven. She is so close to finding the location that failure is not an option. She will destroy the Haven and with them destroy the last of those who oppose her.

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