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    Rill is back.



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    Rill is back.

    Post  Contego on Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:41 am

    Name – Rill

    Marital status – Soon to be divorced.

    D.O.B – 18/5/1967

    Age- 46

    Ageing Frozen at – 20

    Race – Human/Immortal

    Origins – England

    Family – Upper Class. Other then her twin sister and her son, Rill does not communicate with any of them.
    Husband – Conrad (Rill is currently seeking divorce due to her perception that Conrad is and never has been available)
    Son – Taff in his mid twenties.
    Twin sister – Leia.

    Living- At the moment Rill is on the move, sleeping mainly out of the back of her truck as she travels across country to track down Conrad and serve him with papers, also to find out if there is anything still between them.
    She plans on buying herself a little flat or house once she has found answers, somewhere her son could feel safe to come back to.

    Height – Five foot
    Build – Petite
    Hair – Black
    Style- Her usual bob has grown out into a mass of thick black curls.
    Eyes- Large and deep blue, the main feature of her face.
    Clothing- Anything eye catching and unique, tends to choose anything not in the fashion's eye.

    Rill started out as a troubled teen, sent away by her family for being 'different' academically, socially, unable to fit in with their 'high society' living, the black sheep.
    Devastated by being cast out and torn away from her twin sister Rill was torn up until she met the likes of Taff (Now deceased, her and Conrad named their son after him), Sebastian, Conrad, Fleck, Zeek and Paige. Then she came out of herself and flourished into a loud party character.
    Ageing she has quieted down a little, become a little more sensible but she still holds the thrill of the fight and the hidden excitement for trouble she once did.

    Best Friend- Paige.
    Other Friends- Fleck, Sebastian.
    Enemies- Ethan and Lawrence. Why- Repeatedly attacking her and her family. Last heard they were both dead. But that was never known to stop either of the wicked brothers.

    Rill's Strengths – Stands her ground, not afraid to fight for her family or what she believes should be protected. Basic knowledge of self defence, her unfaltering love for her family.

    Rill's weaknesses – Her family, she would die for them without question.

    Bio- As stated above Rill was sent away to a school for 'special' children, there not only did she learn that humans were not the only race that attended, she also learned what it was like to have friends, true friends that would go to bat for you.
    In the school she met her Husband, Conrad. And while enrolled she fell pregnant and they had their son Taff.
    Taff was named after one of their friends who had been killed in a twisted attack by Conrad's enemy Ethan, later helped by his brother Lawrence who tortured Rill to get back at Conrad.

    The group made it through everything thrown at them after the loss of Taff until an earthquake hit the school one which crumpled the block they lived upon, the baby protected by it's crib survived, Rill who had rushed to his aide however did not a metal pipe striking through her.

    Months had passed by and Rill was called back to the land of the living, to this day she still does not know why, but she won't question it, just grateful to have the tome with her family again, thought now she didn't age.

    After school Rill and Conrad got married and Rill had to follow Conrad around as he signed up to a military job, Rill couldn't cope with being alone and in the end they called off their relationship, Rill moving out, taking Taff with her.
    As Taff grew his behaviour became an issue and he eventually also left to live with Conrad, Rill has been alone since and now seeks divorce or answers from her husband.


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    Re: Rill is back.

    Post  Contego on Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:09 pm

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