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    Liran and Ikra.



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    Liran and Ikra.

    Post  Contego on Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:00 pm

    The Twins.




    Both Male.

    Twenty Six.

    -Via infection-

    Twin status
    -Identical, though through life choices easily told apart-

    Visual aspects.
    Both Blonde.
    Both have deep set blue eyes.
    Both pale white skin.
    Both six foot two in height.


    Liran has his hair kept slightly longer then his brothers, close to shoulder length it, his features are ever so slightly broader then Ikra's, some of his facial features just a little more defined.
    He has two scars one upon his left upper thigh, a lycan bite and another single puncture would from a bullet just to the right of his heart.

    Ikra keeps his hair short, usually choppy, most of the time it would be styled but it can hold its own without any extras. His features and a little rougher then his brother, often he is seen with a growth of stubble.
    Upon his body are many and various scars, causes ranging from his Lycan turning, to being blasted out of an exploding helicopter when in the army.

    Liran is more often the calmer of the two brothers, known for being more level headed and rational.
    He often takes care of his brother and would die time and time again for him, always having felt in some way responsible for him.

    Ikra is at war with the world and with himself worst of all he has never known why. Trouble just seems to find him, not helped by his spontaneous and warped reaction to life in general. How ever when it comes to his brother he is loyal to the end.

    History in short.

    A crack whore mother pushed twin boys into the world and that was about all she did for them. Left to pretty much fend for themselves the twins were self sufficient at an early age, fending for themselves and at times defending themselves.
    Leaving home in their early teens they did what they could to survive and make ends meet, living rough the majority of the time.
    At the age of nineteen how ever after a drug and drink bender Ikra found himself in deep trouble, the type he didn't know how to get out of, mauled by a Lycan he was saved from death by his twin, Liran unfortunately getting bitten in the process, saved his life. But as with all Lycan bites the disease passed on to the twins.
    Getting by they soon found themselves in a new life, getting to know others of their kind and other creatures. Not long after their turning they were recruited into an army operation where they met the likes of Conrad and Selik.
    Ikra retired shortly before Liran due to being in a helicopter accident causing him to lose his life for a short time.
    Liran retired shortly after having his brother brought back.

    Both have since been at odds with the world finding no real place to fit in, not like they had fit in with their platoon.

    (Pics will come after 7 days when I am allowed to post external links)


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    Re: Liran and Ikra.

    Post  Contego on Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:14 pm



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