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    Lita Death


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    Lita Death

    Post  Nienna on Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:31 pm

    Name: Lita Death

    Age: Unknown but seems roughly around 21

    Height: 6'1

    Species: Elemental Pure blood Vampire

    Family: Kenshu (twin sister) VT ( older sister) Mariska ( second oldest ; adopted) Cashar (middle sister) Knot Death ( Brother) Blackblood 'Vex' Death ( brother, Leader of the Death Family)

    Mother and Father believed dead.

    Clothing: Varies usually Dark jeans with a corset top high heal boots a large hooded cloak covering her body.

    Eyes: icy blue eyes most of the time dependent on her mood

    Body: Curvy

    Face: soft scar going through her left eyebrow and down her cheek.

    Hair: Pale silver hair touching her lower back blending with her pale skin.

    Skin: Creamy pale white skin.

    Weaponry: Carries a long whip through rarely has need to use it she also carries two handcrafted elven knives, given to her by an old friend, engraved with the language of the ancients who once walked the earth.

    Magic: Knows basic and some advanced spells .


    Lita is arguably the second most unstable member of her now small family only reliable when her twin sister needs her, having massive outbursts of rage and anger at any moment for any reason, she also tends to become hyper and often confused at times, she is a very dangerous creature and very unpredictable. Although she appears vulnerable at times, Lita can be quite manipulative over enemies if threatened in any way. She is loyal with some people and keeps her word. All round Lita finds it hard to trust those she does not know for the safety of her family.Though it it is rarely seen Lita is an animal lover and animals love her even being the the predator that she is animals seem attracted to her although saying that never turn your back on her for she is a killer at heart.

    While away Lita blended her soul with that of a Firstborn Demon. Growing stronger she developed pale tattoo like markings all over her body but most noticeably on her hands arms and along the side of her face symbolizing the danger that lay beneath. Becoming one with the demon she received all the abilities that went with Cuthra. The Below is some information on Demoness and an image of Lita once she is in a demonic rage. After two years blended, Cuthra's brother Jez found her and forced them to separate. Leaving Lita in a mess it was left to her Twin sister Kenshu and brother KnOT to try and pick up the pieces.

    After Lita's death at the hands of her brother Vex , or the being that controlled Vex's body, Lita was stuck for a week in purgatory alone minus a visit from KnOT and suffering bouts of mind numbing pain. After 3 days Azazella appeared offering a life line, Lita took it with open arms, forming a bond with the Arch Angel Zadkiel , the angel of mercy she was marked as his vessel on earth. After the change she was a new hybrid, with the talents of a angel but still vampire she is forced to only feed on the blood of those past redemption. With the bond came the ability to pass judgement on those to see if they are in fact past the point where mercy may be given in some form.

    Eight months later, after running back into Romal she was heartbroken to find they couldn't even hug because of the angelic marks. To make things worse she had to view the damage his father had done to the man she had always loved and always would. Refusing to give up hope she set out to find Caine and V, determined to find away to save the Romal whether he wanted it or not. During her search she ran into Az, the goddess that had struck the deal and since become the target of the arch angels. Annoyed Az agreed to remove the angelic claim on her body and return her to the Lita of old, with the promise of Lita's help if ever Az should ever need it. Weakened she spent four days in a cave before continuing her search for Caine and V.

    Abilities :
    Manipulates elements mostly also was awarded the power to shape-shift by the Elders
    teleport (without error)
    cause fear (unlike minor demons this does not require touch)
    detect magic
    projected image and illusion
    charm person
    shadow magic
    chain lightning


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