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    Cruz Le'Strange


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    Cruz Le'Strange

    Post  KC on Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:12 pm

    NAME: Cruz Le'Strange
    NICKNAME: often referred to by surname only
    NATIONALITY: American/
    FAMILY: Le'Strange
    Father - Pierre Le'Strange
    Mother - Olivia Le'strange (nee hammond)
    Siblings Jersey 22, Kendra, 24
    DESCRIPTION OF HOME: Cruz currently rents a sky lounge apartment in the heart of the city, lavish yet simple in design with a very masculine set out of leather furniture and suarve appeal.
    HAIR: slick black hair in a rough cut, often gelled back when out with stray fringe strands of hair that fall occasionally
    EYES: silver blue
    often grows some facial hair just under the bottom lip and sometimes appears unshaven if he hasnt been at work for a couple of days.
    often wears designer jeans, black boots and formal shirts, suits when working and at formal occasions, kicks back in a football shirt around home and singlet tops.
    Sees self as: hard working and playing harder
    Is seen by others as: wealthy bachelor , he’s cheeky he’s cool and he’s Mr. bad, the boy your mother warned you about.
    BEST FRIEND: Archer Dupre
    OTHER FRIENDS: very close to his sisters, his main group of mates are Laurence, Sawyer and Mattio
    ENEMIES and WHY: other high rise business men due to work, some underground figures though this is not publicised.
    HOBBIES/PASTTIMES: avid soccer player, once played state until a knee injury forced him to retire before he could break into nationals.
    playing chess with his father and cards at family occasions.


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