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    Post  Cashan on Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:58 pm

    Richard Pierce (MORTAL) Rick_zps711862ab
    NAME - Richard Pierce.
    NICKNAME - Rick.
    AGE - 23
    NATIONALITY - Irish American.

    FAMILY -Father - Patrick Pierce.
    MOTHER - Sharon Pierce.
    BROTHER - Emma Pierce ( older )


    CURRENTLY RESIDES AT - 5 Moss Street

    HAIR - Short wavy light brown hair.
    EYES - Blue.
    HEIGHT - 5.12

    CLOTHING PARTICULARS - Normally smartly dressed in shirts and jackets with a good cut of jeans and black polished shoes.

    PERSONALITY - Rick is driven, ambitious and hard working. He's quiet and intellectual but not shy. He enjoys meeting new people and comes across as quite confident. He has a strong sense of family and is a very caring person. He enjoys the outdoors and is athletic which makes him competitive.

    HABITS - When he is worried about a personal matter he tends to clean his glasses excessively.

    HOBBIES - When he does have free time he enjoys reading and physical activities particularly anything that gets him in the great outdoors.

    HISTORY - Rick's parents divorced when he was just 8, leaving her mother to raise him and Emma alone. His mother worked as a full time nurse leaving Emma and Richard with varies family members to be looked after. They never really settled anywhere as their mother could never keep a permanent job in any of the hospitals. Although he is the youngest he always saw himself as the man of the house and this hasn't changed. While Emma has been touring the world. He stayed closer to home and went to medical school to become a surgeon following in his mothers footsteps. He is currently in his second last year of medical school and in a placement in a predigest hospital having earned a placement there due to his high test scores. He has come to Drag after his sister was in a serious car accident and is in need of some help.

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