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    Claiming a Forest Home Empty Claiming a Forest Home

    Post  Nienna on Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:43 pm

    Claiming a Forest Home Iyjzb8

    She padded silently up the broken stairs of the once famous city, Sakin-ri was once the seat of her family, here dragons had ruled, now it was just ruins in the mountainside. Her brother Amars had once protected this land from human and vampire distruction, now she had come to claim it as her home, the ruins prefect for the loner of the family. Looking around she was content to be alone , trees had long since claimed the buildings, roots and vines broke through the stone and morter leaving many unstable and dangous parts of the city.

    Reaching the upper levels after some time she moved from the main path onto what felt like it was once a side street, she moved toward the sound of running water, in his time here Amars had found a source of water deep in the temples ground, this source flowed easily through a series of shifter made structures or in many cases where it wanted to eventually ending in the large river that ran through the valley below. To her knowledge this place was empty of anyone other then herself so without even looking she shifted forms. Bare feets was the first thing to be revealed once the electric blue light of the change faded, wriggling her toes she sighed softly and stretched her yawn was only slightly humanoid , the long trip causing her to hold some animal traites form a few moments after the changed. As a member of the Drache house she was blessed with access to hardy little items that the normal shifter would not, the most noticable was her clothing, usually lost in the shift she was infact wearing a skin tight, snow white tank top that clung to her like a second skin and a matching black mini skirt, the clothes had been weaved from her own tiger fur that she had lost in the change from winter to spring and thus allowed her to shift into human or tiger form without having to worry about appearing naked before a stranger.

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