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    Kale Jackson (Lycan) BLACK_WOLF_Wallpaper_5an8g_zps321a475a

    Wolf Information
    Name: Kale Jackson
    Nickname: Jackson
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Breed: Eurasion Wolf


    Self restoration - can heal himself of wounds to an extent.
    Self Spawn - can create multiple duplications of himself, that he can control.
    Intangibility - can pass through solid matter such as walls.
    Teleportation - can move from one location to another in the blink of an eye.

    Limitations of Powers/Abilities:

    Self restoration - he cannot heal fatal wounds.
    Self Spawn - should one of his doubles be injured he will suffer the same wound
    Intangibility - cannot pass through reflective surfaces.
    Teleporation - he can only teleport to where the eye can see.


    Kale's father was once a Beta in a ferocious pack. Pack members were vicious and fights for position and power were constant. A fight broke out one day between father and a lower member of the pack and to everyone's shock, his father lost. The alpha, a cruel and sadastic wolf, no longer saw his father fit for the position of Beta and savagely attacked and demoted him to Omega, the lowest of the low. Kale saw this as a great injustice to his father who had stood by the Alpha loyally for years. He foolishly confronted the Alpha with dire consequences. The Alpha saw his actions as a challenge and cruelly attacked him, a mere teenager at the time. Having bitten him to within an inch of his life, he spared his life. Instead he set the pack after his family, killing his father and his mother. But the greatest tragedy came when they also killed his sister Cana, who was only a pup at the time. His mangled body was dragged to the scene of his families demise. Pinned down, the Alpha gorged three wounds under his eye, one to represent a family member he had lost. He was then exiled from the pack lands and the only place he had ever known as home. Since then he has wandered through life, never settling or making any real connections with anyone.


    He's a lone wolf who enjoys the company of women. He can be dark and mysterious one minute and cocky and arrogant the next. He puts up a facade to protect himself never allowing anyone to get close.


    His fur is a blue grey coloration. He has striking blue eyes and scars under his right eye.

    Human Information

    Tall and lean, he stands at 6.1ft. Striking blue eyes are his main facial feature and golden almost yellow hair. Wears mostly black with a black coat and boots being a must.


    The same as above.


    Anything he can do in his wolf form he can do in his human form.


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