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    Dimitri Alexsander Monstviliene


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    Dimitri Alexsander Monstviliene

    Post  KC on Sat Apr 20, 2013 5:13 am

    Name: Born - Dimitri Alexsander Monstviliene - Legally changed to Dimitri Alexsander
    Nickname: Alex
    Age: 26yrs
    Henrikas Monstviliene (step father) - currently serving life term for murder
    Irene Monstviliene (nee - Baker) - Deceased
    Biological father - unknown
    Other siblings unknown
    God mother - Anikke Kazlauskiene
    God father - Erelis Kazlauskas

    The only supernatural gift of Dimitri is that he is a shifter, carrying the ability to manipulate his genetic dna structure into that of another form.

    Limitations of Powers/Abilities:
    Shifting - must have had connection to the form prior to shift and cannot shift into objects.If heavily wounded his ability to shift is hindered
    Dimitri is a very intuitive individual with a talent for quick learning and adapting alternative options into plans as well as the ability to strategically think ahead of the oponent. He has a very good photographic memory and an ability to think mathematically when negotiating geographical destinations. His god father being particularly interested in artifacts taught Dimitri to master replications, his god mother teaching him more on the patience of picking locks and getting out of tight spots without screaming like a girl. Dimitri has observed harness work, abseiling, rock climbing and base jumping. he was instructed in gymnastics heavily by his god mother when not being homeschooled.

    Born the bastard son of Irene Monstviliene to an unknown man, Dimitri was passed off as the son of Henrikas Monstviliene. Irene a young american journalist had moved and settled in Telšiai, Lithuania, marrying Henrikas. Their marriage was not harmonious and as an act of defiance Irene sought a one night affair with a stranger from another county. When discovering her pregnancy, Irene was terrified and hid her unfaithfullness from her husband.
    After the birth of the son, Henrikas was a little suspicious. his son carried features which did not match either his mother or himself though Irene passed these off as recessive genetics. However later in the year word passed about town of the night from a witness and Henrikas became enraged. Confronting Irene in the nursery he demanded the truth and consequently brutally assaulted Irene to death. He took the boy and threw him into a village bin before fleeing.
    Saved after his cries had been heard, Dimitri was identified by authorities and sent to his god parents, Anikke and Erelis Kazlauskas in Sebezh, Russia. Given the circumstances, the Kazlauskas's decided to legally drop Dimitri's surname, leaving his name as Dimitri Alexsander.
    The Kazlauskas family were professionals in their occupations, though to the authorities they were simply the school teacher and pharmisist family friends of Henrikas and Irene. The pair raised Dimitri as their own, Anikke unable to give birth to her own. Over the years Dimitri grew into a talented young man, learning the lifestyle of a professional theif from his adoptive parents. When he became of age, Dimitri ventured out into the world to make a name for himself, something of which he has been successful in.

    A smooth, witty, libertine who loves a glass of quality spirit, Dimirti is a self confessed adrenaline junkie. If you were to ask him questions he would never give you the truthful answer. he does not trust but will appear to hang upon your every word. he is well versed in the game of confidence tricks coming off as a charasmatic, well liked person. he is passionate, a perfectionist and enjoys finer points of pleasurable life. Very often to the point and observant, sometimes threatening to other people due to such a confronting personality. for this he is often characterised as a troublemaker and a downright asshole.

    Standing six foot tall and of a mesomorphic somatotype, Dimitri is broad shouldered. he has a significant muscle mass ratio as compared to fat and routinely keeps in above average fitness due to his occupation. He has moderately light complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair with flecks of blonde.

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