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    Amaria ( Lycan ) - Updated


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    Amaria ( Lycan ) - Updated

    Post  Cashan on Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:49 pm

    General information

    Name: Amaria Lowell.
    Nickname: Mar.
    Age: 23 years old.
    Sex: Female.
    Breed: Lycanthrope
    Family: Zella ( sister ), is one of 10 brothers and sisters. Parents deceased.

    Human Information


    Amaria's human form bares a striking resemblance to her wolf form. 5.8 in height, she is slender but toned. She has striking blue eyes and her hair is a white-grey.

    Having decided it was time for a makeover her hair has now been cut to a very short and edgy pixie cut. Gone are the feminine dresses she once wore. Tight pants, leather and denim have all taken it's place as she branches away from what was expected of her.


    Amaria comes across as being uptight and tense. She is defensive and very no nonsense. Family mean everything to her and she is ferocious when she or her family are threatened.

    She does not trust easily and would rather bite first and ask questions later. She outwardly appears cold and act as though she does not give a damn but this is simply a defense mechanism after years of taking beatings for her youngest sister.

    She very rarely shows her soft side but she has a soft spot for children that she cannot hide. Otherwise she appears indifferent to all those but her sister.

    Wolf Information


    Silky white fur with very little other markings is her only coloring. Her eyes are a rich blue color. Very similar to her human form.


    Telekinesis - the ability to move objects with her mind.

    Telepathy - this includes the ability to read minds this includes telepathic relay.

    Telepathic Relay - where a group of minds can speak to one another through her or she may speak to someone in their mind.

    Psychic inhibitor -  where she can limit another''s abilities.

    Illusion manipulation -  the ability to manipulate what others perceive, such as making them see things that aren't actually present, or not see things that are.  

    Limitations of Powers/Abilities:

    • Limited to a certain range to work.

    • Limited to one target at a time.

    • Mental abilities drain her both mentally and physically, should she try to exert herself past her limit it results in a physical reaction.


    Her father (Ulmar) mated with her mother (Rakas) having lost a previous mate and had pups with her. That resulted in the birth of her half brothers.

    She never had much time for her brothers, she found them obnoxious and resentful of her abilities. The only sibling she truly cared for was her sister Zella. Zella was younger and always struggled to control her empathic abilities whereas Amaria found it came easier to control her own often trying to inhibit Zella's to try and help her.

    But things changed after Zella accidentally killed a horse and she distanced herself from the whole family. Returning home from a hunting trip on Zella's birthday her fell apart when she found both her parents dead and Zella gone. A couple of weeks went by in a blur as she tried to pick up the pieces of what was left of the family but everyday life seemed mundane now.

    Her brothers had been vague in the details of what had happened and it did not seat well with her. She knew she would not be satisfied till she spoke to her sister and found out exactly what happened. She said goodbye to her brothers and began her journey for answers. Two years have since passed and her travels have brought her to Kumari where she hopes she has finally caught up with her sister.

    Her sister had found love with a wolf named Hunter and Amaria helped them relocate to a new home with many of the orphaned children Hunter cared for. But it didn't take long before Amaria felt an emptiness inside of  her. She thought that by finding her sister she would of filled the void.

    But the longer she spent watching Zella live her life happily the more she realized that she had been chasing some dream that was not her own. So one day Amaria left had Zella had done previously. She did not care for some long drawn out goodbye and she knew that Zella didn't need her anymore.

    Her travels brought her to Bayside where not long after she had a run in with the wolf she knew as Kat. A fight broke out but Kat had the back up of a gang know as the Brawlers. Amaria was brought back to face Curtis the leader of teh Brawlers and she thought for certain she had gotten herself into a mess she could not get herself out of.

    When she tried they quickly figured out she was telepathic and so made her a deal. Now, she helps the Brawlers with any criminal activity they need. In particular robbing banks and getting pass codes. She has strict rules though about spilling the innocent blood of humans as she sees them as defenseless and thus it would be cowardly and dishonorable to attack them.

    She benefits by getting a cut of the money and has also been given a job working alongside Kat in a bar. Although they Mar would not consider many people friends, her and Kat have managed to find some common ground and build a tolerance for one another.

    For the foreseeable future Amaria will settle in Bayside and remain apart of the Brawlers.

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