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    Heart to Heart ( plot specfic )


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    Re: Heart to Heart ( plot specfic )

    Post  KC on Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:08 pm

    He watched her every move, though surprised when Zella shoved him away from her. As words slipped from her lips he caught himself smiling, laughing at the comment he took off after her, not letting up since she'd issued a challenge. It was a big difference to when he had first met her, his stride lengthy as he sprinted to the house, pinching her bum on the way past with a chuckle. He had forgotten the fact that they were not alone, only excited to get to the house for one on one time with her.

    Dj raised a brow as Amaria spoke, giving a small shrug "Me hurt? narrr" he replied, glancing over at her "You okay?" he asked her confused by the expression on her face.

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    Re: Heart to Heart ( plot specfic )

    Post  Nienna on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:25 pm

    Squealing playfuly when he pinched her bum she picked up speed chasing after him lengthening her strides. She was laughing as her hair floated on in the air behind her as she zoned in on Hunter. She was glad he finally realised it was her choice, Catching up with him she trailed a nail down his neck as she moves around a corner. Laughing happily she skids to a halt as she hides behind a large tree trunk waiting for him to find her she whispered a thank you to her sister. Wrinkling her nose she waited but kept an ear out for the kids should Mar or D.J need them.

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    Re: Heart to Heart ( plot specfic )

    Post  Cashan on Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:16 pm

    Mar ignored Zella's thank you and simply replied with an you owe me one. Sighing she turned her attention back to the kids. The way things were going with Zella and Hunter she knew she would be seeing a lot more of them. Part of her did like that fact though. The kids were so sweet and they did bring out a better side to her.

    She turned to DJ who had probably seen her frown that was meant for Zella. " I'm fine but we just got landed with all the kids." She stared out towards and laughed a little. Molly was more bouncing then running and it was adorable.

    She looked out over the fields and to the nearby woods. The woods looked like they would more then suffice for her to stay in. They were close by but far enough away to grant her her own privacy away from the love sick puppies. " Have those woods been scouted yet for any other predators? " Even if they had Amaria would do her own checks for her own piece of mind. She didn't have just Zella to protect anymore it seemed, Zella was now part of a package deal.

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    Re: Heart to Heart ( plot specfic )

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