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    Cashan aka Cassie Hanlon


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    Cashan aka Cassie Hanlon

    Post  Cashan on Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:35 pm

    Alias name - Cashan

    Actual Name - Cassie Hanlon

    Nickname - Cass or the Bunny

    Age - 23

    Country - Ireland

    Best form of contact - Skype or Msn.

    Experience with rpg - Started in Sept 2012

    What draws you to writing - The ability to be anyone who can do anything.

    What you wish your audience to achieve in reading your stories - umm hopefully they will want to join in.

    Are you offended by anything in particular? for instance, language content you wish others to be mindful off when posting with you - no I am fairly back once it's in character.

    Temper - I have one!

    Sense of humor- I have been known to crack a joke or two.

    Favorite type of character to play and why - oh a toughy! I like to play characters who don't necessarily know everything about themselves, who are on a mission of self discovery as it were. It keeps it interesting for me and the reader.

    Habits - I have no bad ones I don't even chew gum.

    Name one strength and one weakness you believe you possess - I like to think I am fairly common sense about things and can be there for my friends. As for a weakness well I have a few but maybe stressing about things to much is my worst.

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