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    Regina Crawford (MORTAL)


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    Regina Crawford (MORTAL)

    Post  Jessa on Sun Jun 10, 2012 5:19 am

    NAME: Regina Crawford
    NICKNAME: Gina
    BIRTHDATE/AGE: 06/12/1988 /24
    NATIONALITY: Spanish
    FAMILY: Sister Irene (Missing)
    DESCRIPTION OF HOME: A cabin in the Florida Everglades in the middle of the swamp., she gets around by airboat. The swamp is all around her, filled with gators, alligator snapping turtles and other
    ndindiginous wildlife. Her cabin is modest but spacious, built up out of the swamp with a patio and swimming pool in the back. The back wall is mostly all windows giving her a great view of the sunsets. There are no neighbors for miles, just how she likes it. She has many pets, mostly of the exotic variety. The inside is spacious and well decorated, though simple and warm.
    HEIGHT: 5'5"
    HAIR: Long soft blonde ringlets.
    EYES: a deep forest green
    OTHER FACIAL FEATURES/OTHER APPEARANCE DETAILS: shapely, tan from the Florida sun, and soft full lips.
    CLOTHING PARTICULARS: prefers tee shirts tank tops and and comfortable shorts.
    PERSONALITY: calm, friendly but kind of private. She secretly searches for her missing sister for she suspects foul play. She's relaxed and easy going, likes to have a good time and loves to lounge by the pool and read. She's a hopeless romantic who has horrible luck.
    Sees self as: a detective, organized and confident.
    Is seen by others as: a haphazard clutz with no direction.
    HABITS: twists her hair on her finger when thinking or nervous. Sitting by her pool.
    BEST FRIEND: Janice
    OTHER FRIENDS: none really
    ENEMIES and WHY: none
    HOBBIES/PASTTIMES: reading, writing, looking for Irene, being with her animals.
    OTHER: compassionate, but can be overzealous.

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