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    Ameria Chandler


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    Ameria Chandler

    Post  Jessa on Fri Jun 01, 2012 2:57 pm

    NAME: Ameria Chandler
    BIRTHDATE/AGE: 5-14-1983 / 24
    NATIONALITY: Brazilian
    FAMILY: Deceased Sister Balinda and Father Gregory
    DESCRIPTION OF HOME: In between homes, hoping to find a house to rent.
    HEIGHT: 5'4"
    HAIR: Long auburn brown
    EYES: Deep blue almost Gray
    OTHER FACIAL FEATURES/OTHER APPEARANCE DETAILS: A tattoo of a pheonix along her right side ribs.
    CLOTHING PARTICULARS: Jeans and a fitted tee with sneakers
    PERSONALITY: She's fierce and quick to temper. She trusts no men, and has a fighting spirit. She keep her feelings buried inside, insecure and afraid to let them out. She has a softer side, but it's rarely seen. She is insecure and unsure of herself. Taking more to females then males for her haunting past.

    Sees self as: Strong, sharp and smart
    Is seen by others as: Crazy, unstable and angry
    HABITS: Illegal street racing, dancing, bars.
    ENEMIES and WHY: The public, because she is mean to males to the point at times of cruelty
    HOBBIES/PASTTIMES: Painting, scuplting and cooking. Her job is a mystery.
    OTHER: She likes most women.

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