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    Colt Morgana


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    Colt Morgana

    Post  KC on Thu May 31, 2012 12:53 pm

    name - Colt Morgana
    Age - unknown
    Gender - Male
    Breed - Vampire
    Family - Morgana/ Deveraux
    Family members etc:
    Mother and Father both believed to be deceased
    Siblings unknown and unrecorded
    Son - Elios (deceased)

    Eyes- pale green

    Body- muscular, broad shoulders and approximatly 6'4

    Hair - short black spikey hair

    Clothing - Usually wearing jeans and nice button up shirts, or whatever he can find at the time. he is often seen wearing a biking jacket with a thin white double stripe around the arm of the right sleeve.

    Piercings - right eyebrow (double piercing)
    Tattoos - Striking cobra extending around his upper left arm
    Celtic cross stretching up the length of his back (black colouration)
    Archangel holding the sands of time hourglass with Elios enscribed into the glass surface depicted upon his right flank as a dedication to his son

    Bio - As an infant Colt was left with a family, unawares to the type of 'thing' this child would become. Left to experience vamparism alone Colt barely made it through his changes, having to learn for himself without guidance. Once awoken his unguided existance led him to massacre his adoptive family and thus never returning to his home country for the crimes he committed has left him with a price over his head.
    Colt has been unaware of his bloodline , his biological family being that of the Devereaux a half bred vampire elemental clan and the Morgana family, a small sector of vampires who held specific mental abilities as compared to average vampires. They were an unusually rare family to be seen, the remaining few a prized possession of Bounty Hunters as their abilities are quite the assett.

    Colt has a small knowledge of his background and has come to understand his ability to place people in dreamlike states, using their dreams, desires and fears against them. He may create a second reality, playing it to his enemies in order to confuse them into thinking what they see is actually happening. he holds fantastic abilities to manipulate the elements but has not bothered to explore this.

    His traits and abilities passed down through his family left colt with the lasting legacy of being permanent prey, considered a prize, his family carry a high price for being caught alive in order for their dream state abilities to be used for whatever the cause be. Spending a lifetime becoming used to defending on the randomised attack as it occured Colt found himself fighting along side his own when war struck against the humans, this being where he met his wife to be, Coralei. Cora was able to calm Colt to some extent, perhaps becoming one of the fine few who would ever know the deeper thoughts of his being. Cora gave birth to a son however he was tragically lost when both parents were battling. Colt entered a state of tragic grief over the loss of his son and both, becoming consumed by emotion lay blame upon eachother and separated. Colt adopted his harsh and unforgiving nature, easing up when they reunited some twenty years later in the caves (withinshadows). Confessing their love for eachother again, Colt and Cora seemed to date however this did not last.
    Since leaving the caves Colt has gone back to his old life, often travelling with his best friend Aurora. Aurora being of similiar mind and devious nature as Colt these two are often at the centre of debauchery and mayhem. They have often experienced run ins with bounty hunters however as of late things have never been better since the 'cleansing'

    Personality- Colt seems easy going once known to others and has a black and white aproach but definatly isnt a friendly person. he rarely hangs in the crowds and doesnt take girls on the second date. he is violent but has the face of an angel which is usually used in tactics. he preffers to live alone except recent events have meant settling isnt an option, bounty hunters hot on his trail

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