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    Vaughan (to be edited)


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    Vaughan (to be edited)

    Post  KC on Thu May 31, 2012 12:53 pm

    Name: Vaughan

    Nick Name/Title: Le Seigneur de l'abattage (given to him during his time in Paris)
    simply V to close friends
    Age: Appears actual age undisclosed

    Sex: Male

    Race: Vampire


    Eyes- Once a smokey white Vaughans eyes have faded to a mysterious black, the iris and pupil seeming to be unidentifyable.

    Hair - Medium to lengthy cut, shaping the sharp features of his face and often supporting highlights of various colours depending on choice at time.

    Clothing - casual and yet somewhat formal looking appearance, often moving around in black sandblast jeans with hip chains and formal black button up shirt, often seen with a pair of shades on.

    Build - Tall and well built in respects to muscular frame

    Personality:Vaughan is not a kind caring individual, notorious for the torture and murder of people unknown to him often placed beside his name, earning himself a reuptation of a force to be rekoned with. He rarely makes conversation and prefers to be alone to move about and inflict trouble upon others at his own free will. He is not likely to follow the orders of another unless they hold great respect between them however has proven in the past that he is able to coexist with others despite such a tempremental nature.

    Background/History: Raised by his Gypsy mother in Southern Romania until his 13th birthday, Vaughan was taken by his father who murdered his mother and led a life of torturous education, apart of his fathers covern devoted to a patriarchal ruling over the world.

    his father Nero, sinister in every way possible, sired four boys, each from a corner of the Romanian country and to a gypsy woman of each element. his idea was to bring a prophecy into creation. Vaughan learnt the ways of the covern and was denied the pleasures of a nice upbringing. years later through a mutiny amongst the covern, Nero was sent to another realm and Criston, Nero's right hand man guided the boys to seperate ends of the earth to ensure the prophecy would never be fullfilled. in support of this movement a grand council was formed (not to the knowledge of Criston) with the goal of ensuring the unification of brothers and blood would never occur. This commenced the period in the lives of the four boys where they would undergo maturity, experimentalism with their abilities and last but not least the questioning of family.
    Never holding back from the finer details of being a vampire of the darker variety, Vaughan moved about like a plague reeping havoc in various countries after being sent away. He has earnt himself the reputation of a monster and holds secrets of those murdered deep within his mind often taunting a sense of humanity within his cold heart to rarely shine. Vaughan and nathaniel managed to overpower several members of the council, reuniting and realising the effect their blood ties had upon their abilities. From here they worked hard to locate the two missing brothers, Romal and Caine. once finding these boys, the Council declared war, bringing Nero back from his hellish cage to kill the eldest son Vaughan. Though this was unsuccessfull, the four brothers remain confused as to why their father would help the people that celebrated his confinement.
    Since he was last seen, Vaughan has been apart from his brothers, lost in the heat of battle and caught in the decision of chasing an old contact of Nero's. having little choice but to choose travel for his answers he has not been able to contact his former love or his brothers. Feeling the constant battle to control his abilities (later explained in a thread yet to be determined) Vaughan travels on his own reverting to some of his more well known ways to survive whilst being constantly tailed or attacked.

    Weapons/Abilities: apart from the usual perks of his race, Vaughan supports an ability of Psychokinesis formally known in the past as telekinesis applying unknown forces and being able to manipulate objects. whilst objects of considerable size are limited, Vaughans ability extends beyond simple rise and fall movements, manipulating matter as well as moving whole objects. A favourite game is seeing how long it takes for an enemy to implode using this ability. He carries his mothers elemental genes, manipulating water and ice. this has developed since uniting with his brothers but has less impact if he is calm or away from the other three brothers.

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