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    Appears 26
    Demonic Angel/shifter
    Born in Vaiheleon (Vah–heel-eon) a city built by his grandfather and exiled king Hector.
    Father - Ronan
    Mother - Ivy
    Sisters – Natalya and Ebony
    Brother - Kai


    Serene Kingdom built into an open rainforest cave, the palace located at the top of the cavernous edge. Whilst some walls are pure moss covered rock, the floors and structures built in are of a polished white marble. On the lower floors of the kingdom, the soil is fertile, a large marketplace and community celebration ground bordering the edges towards a large waterfall. This waterfall conceals the gate and tunnel to the outer ridges of Largos. When entering the city, one does not become drenched by the water that flows, something mysterious about the falls separating as if guided by an invisible force. On the outer ridges of Largos are rolling hillsides of farmlands, sheltered by dense forest. The climate is humid in summer which lasts of three months, the winter season long and harsh.

    His hair is mid length, cut uneven but sits just neatly, his fringe sometimes washing over his eyes.
    Angelic/Vampiric form: Lex is built broadly with chiselled features. his facial features are sharp, his eyes a soft blue. He supports two large black wings of which extend to a length proportioned to his height.
    Animal form: As Lex is a shifter, he shifts into a black leopard. if he wishes to move stealthily it is often useful for him to be in this form. his fur is short and as soft as velvet, his eyes a yellowish glow.

    Lex is kind hearted, loyal and gentle as he naturally is. Though when he enters battle against foe or is confronted with the need to protect he is fierce, willing to put himself infront of others. He enjoys the simple pleasures of life and carries a small sketch of Amelia to remember where he came from and what he has endured. His eyes are the window to his soul, often giving others great inclination as to what he is feeling.

    Sees self as:
    A simpleton
    Is seen by others as:
    Kindhearted and quietly spoken
    paces when he grows anxious. Sometimes stares off into space when he is thinking.

    His love Jessa
    quite fond of his horse whom carries him far across lands and into battle. He has a deep connection with all of his animals however his steed is his constant companion.
    ENEMIES and WHY:
    Emmanuel the current ruler of the demonic angelic kingdom of largos, Lex bears the seal of the true royals, Emmanuel has launched a war against and posted a bounty on Lex’s head to ensure he retains his throne despite his father having stolen it years ago. Emmanuel grew up in the same village and group of young soliders as Lex.
    Lex is well known for his Telekinesis, manipulating matter and moving it. his ability to do so allows him the gift of altering something without the need for touch. This ability has been driven and enhanced throughout the extent of Lex's life, having been graced with such a gift since birth. When angered or in deep mourning strangers may experience the unique phenomenon where the environment around him may 'float' in levitation due to the instability of his mind.
    Sometimes takes things more serious than others, doesn’t relax often.
    As a Demonic Angel, Lex is able to experience the divide between alterplanes. this fusion of planes increases his awareness of other apparitions, in the form of loved ones and others longingly missing from earth. While this may be of some use through his searches once as a guardian and keeper, it has also caused Lex great distress, visited often by loved ones close to him both innocent and evil. This so called sixth sense is also handy when sensing out demons and shadow drifters
    Lex's main source of sustainance has now changed, feeding on mainly raw meats and blood. As he most often hunts and eats in his animal form, this explains his hunger for raw meat. The thirst for blood however may be explained by his history, a run in with an old foe unfortunatly leaving him with a new life as an undead, a form much like a vampire where he is unable to use his wings and instead may see by heat sensitivity instead. each form has a weakness as it has its strength.

    Born into a clan of Angelic folk, Lex grew up the eldest of four, two sisters Natalya and Ebony and brother Kai. His mother and father had some connection to the clan as Royality however this is not known to the family except Lex's grandfather. before Lex was born, his grandfather was taken forcefully by his second in command and banished to the outerlands of the clans territory. his Second in command assumed the throne after staging the kings dissapearance and taking his place as it was written in the archaic code. His father, young at the time, was sent to live with a noblemans family and his grandmother tragically murdered in an act of 'mercy' by the new king. His father Ronan, met a young woman named Ivy and thus Lex was later born.

    Due to the laws of the new king, Lex was allowed to be raised until the age of seven, where he was taken like all boys his age and thrown into the castle as apprentice warriors. They were taught the complexity of battle tactics, how to act like a true knight of the kings guard and how to walk with courage and bravery. They learnt the art of the sword and were issued their own armour and weapons at their 15th birthday. Lex never saw his siblings or parents again. Confined to a life in the barracks he spent his time in the inner walls of the castle and later after much of his own resistance, fell in love with the kings daughter. This angered the king and life became a living hell for Lex.

    One evening on the rise of the hunters moon, the kings daughter Amelia was kidnapped by an unknown troupe and whilst the kings general of the army chickened out it had not detered Lex. Lex rode into the desolate and unforgiving forest to find his love and rescued her from the clutches of an evil foe. The two spent a night of intimacy before returning to the castle where the General in a suprise move arrested Lex on the grounds of kidnapping. The king took pity on Lex purely for the fact that if he were to be executed, the people would see the imprinted seal of the royals, showing only as a small set of wings tattoed just under the back of his hairline over his neck. instead Lex was taken out to the outerlands and banished, sent away tethered to his horse.
    Since such time, Lex had travelled, growing weak after battle wounds had exhausted him to his full extent. He was taken in by a stranger who owned a small tavern somewhere north of his original home. He helped Lex return to health before providing him with many teachings of wisdom and witchcraft. As Lex recovered his love gave birth to a little girl, Her name Charlotte. She paid a market merchant to stow both her and her child away in the hopes that she would reunite with Lex. This was a short lived dream, searching for him long until finally finding Lex during his travels. He had spoken only three words to them both before the kings party descended upon them, killing Amelia and Charlotte and wounding Lex.
    Here on out Lex travelled from city to city, having lost his purpose in life with no real idea of who he really was. He laid his beloved to rest and continued along his journey, vowing to one day seek retribution for his loss. As the sands of time slowly washed away and the land grew into modern cities, Lex continued to travel, experiencing war after war with both human and supernatural. He spent three years with a small clan of gypsies, protecting them as they set to work on a small mission. One evening however, an ambush on the group was too large, Lex succumbing to the vampire leader in order to spare the lives of the others. it was a small price to pay in his eyes and he met the consequences with his head held high.
    Travelling further along in time Lex moved into the Kumari lands, meeting a new love of which he never thought he would ever find. Her name, Jessa..Forming a close friendship and bond with Jessa, Lex learnt to accept the misfortunes of the past and welcome into his life a new chapter of love. In a bold move Lex proposed to Jessa with the hope of starting a family. Jessa accepted however…….

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