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    LINK - Lucio Cristiano Lorenzo D'Alesandro (also used for mortal threads)


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    LINK - Lucio Cristiano Lorenzo D'Alesandro (also used for mortal threads)

    Post  KC on Thu May 31, 2012 8:41 am

    Lucio Cristiano Lorenzo D'Alesandro (Known outside of his immediate family as Link)


    Fire demon

    Fathers family from Florence, Mothers side from a villiage in the the province of Sondrio
    Born into and apart of a large italian mafia family dating back several generations
    The layout of the homeland mafia is as shown below:
    Capo Famiglia (Don)
    Lucio Snr- Link's paternal grandfather recently appointed following the death of his great grandfather
    Capo bastone (underboss): second in command
    Salvatore - Link's father
    Consigliere - advisor to the boss
    Vincenzo -Link's uncle (fathers side)
    Capo - captain (currently there are 4)
    Bruno - Family friend
    Domenico - Cousin
    Silvio - Uncle
    Enzo - Family friend
    Each capo is responsible for a crew of soldiers, numbers varying between each sector.
    Alesandro's associate numbers also vary from regions to region and also depend on business, of course waste management is also an issue these days....
    Note: Link's title in the mafia has not been placed in the above heirarchy as he currently resides away from the homeland however attains title of capo. Link is currently making his way as a professional contract excecutioner and during his downtime works muscle in the local hotspots for various identities.
    Immediate Family:
    Grandfather - Lucio Snr
    Father - Salvatore
    Mother - Maria
    Sister -Ellena (2nd child)
    Sister - Mila (youngest)

    Description of home:
    Rolling hills lined draped with vineyards and natural landscapes, Mountainous ranges provide a beautiful backdrop of the country estate. Numerous buildings form the household complete from the family house to the stables. complimenting its surrounds the gardens are delicately landscaped, forming a complex array of mazes and courtyards.

    5'8 ft

    His hair is quite lengthy at current, slight curled black locks framing his chiselled features well.
    Deep green eyes awashed with oceanic blues give him a slightly soft alluring look of which to charm the ladies. Though not to mislead, these eyes can also bring a threatening stare to his opponents.
    Other facial features/Other appearance details:
    Links chosen attire is kept simple with some variences dependant upon what may be required for a job. trained well to blend in on a job, Link can be seen in various outfits whilst pursuing a target however in general is generally seen in plain olive/black coloured cargo pants, black plain faced belt, black singlet and motorbike jacket (weather dependant). He wears a single thick silver chain around his neck
    Other detail include his several tattoos.
    His back shoulder blades support the surname D'Alesandro
    A weeping angel holding rosary beads on his left pectoral
    The lords prayer in italian written in small text on his right lower flank as written below:
    Padre nostro che sei nei cieli,
    sia santificato il tuo nome;
    venga il tuo regno,
    sia fatta la tua volontà,
    come in cielo così in terra.
    Dacci oggi il nostro pane quotidiano,
    rimetti a noi i nostri debiti,
    come noi li rimettiamo ai nostri debitori
    e non ci indurre in tentazione,
    ma liberaci dal male.
    A tribal arm band on his left upper arm, very simple design
    Clothing particulars:
    Fierce and loyal in terms of his family, Link is not to be messed with. He comes across as a very quiet individual as though he were permanently surrounded in a cloud of mystery. typically as a contract hitman there is a speak nothing policy about his job and most transactions take place with strict confidentiality. He has some simple rules to keep himself out of the law (although with connections Link is often able to squeeze out of the grasp of detectives)
    Link has no solid desire to settle down anytime soon and is usually bedding ladies left right and centre when off the job. This lifestyle coupled with his constant travelling suits Link though often does not land the same way in other peoples eyes.
    Sees self as::
    A loyal an honourable D'Alesandro man with a curse best left hidden

    Is by others as::
    A dangerous stranger of few words, foreign and shrouded in mystery

    Leaves without speaking and into thin air, tends to be less social when he isnt in the middle of a job

    Best friend:
    Childhood friend Riccardo (D)

    Friends in general::
    None specific

    Enemies and why:
    Various though particular enemy with members of the Caselli family, born enemy of the D'Alesandro family.
    Refuses to trust anyone other then himself. Possesses above average athleticism due to his conditioning and habitual training
    Weakness:: There is a lack of acceptance by Lucio and his family for supernatural beasts, a problem having intensified through the secret of his mothers family. Whilst the D'Alesandro family is of mortal blood, his mothers family carries a terrible secrecy of elemental gifts, harshly outlawed in his village. for this, Link does not harness his powers, though he become conflicted through his natural curiosity and want to embrace what is concidered punishable by torturous death.

    The typical assassins special - black 22 calibre handgun with silencer. he often carries two
    Born the eldest son of the D'Alesandro family, Lucio is destined to one day become the capo famiglia of the D'Alesandro mafia. Taken under the wing of his fathers family, Lucio was conditioned and educated in the moral and ethics of his family and the family business. Lucio therefore was seen to live and breath the mafia way, the way of his father, grandfather and ancestors before them.
    Lucio was raised in a loving home, his mother ensuring he was homeschooled and attended church regularly as apart of his devotion towards religion. all of his relatives carry the same religious background which is why Lucio can often be found perform rituals pointed towards his beliefs. Lucio was taught manners and all areas of high society politeness by his mother and great grandfather, having spent many a time with his great grandfather at events. Whilst the family was wealthy, Lucio grew up on a large acreage learning that it was not ideal to boast on fortunes and that an ethical D'Alesandro was a person who would earn a crust no matter their background.
    As Lucio approached the age of twelve, his grandfather had him assigned to the local doctor as an apprentice, an unusual move that would no doubt positively impact both Lucio and the mafia community in the future. Lucio has aquired many skills over his time and still uses his knowledge and abilities in this profession to both kill and heal people.
    at the age of seventeen Lucio made a move into the chain of the family business as a soldier, working his way up the heirarchy demonstrating his loyalty and devotion to his family and friends. By his twenty first birthday following the slaying of his great-grandfather Lucio Senior, Lucio earnt his button, promoted to Capo. Whilst this move was an impressive promotion, enough collaboration with a sector of the family in america prompted a decision to be made. Vincenzo, Lucio's uncle and consigliere to the capo famiglia arranged for Lucio to be moved to america as an active capo in the mafia in order to have clear unbiased word passed back to the administration. Lucio thus moved away from the homeland, earning a crust as a professional executioner.

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