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    Maxine and Madeline Kenwood (MORTALS)- A Glimpse into her Present


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    Maxine and Madeline Kenwood (MORTALS)- A Glimpse into her Present

    Post  Cashan on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:12 pm


    Name: Maxine Sarah Kenwood.
    Age: 26 years old.
    Sex: Female.
    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual.
    Job: Nursery School Teacher.
    Species: Human.

    Family - Daughter
    Name: Madeline ( Maddy ) Kenwood.
    Age: 2 years old.
    Sex: Female.
    Species Human.



    Maxine is slightly taller then the average woman but not grossly so as she comes in at about 5.10. She is not overly muscular but fitness is important to her as she tries to keep up with a toddler and she wanted to get her pre-baby body back.

    She has long dark hair and she had dark blue/grey eyes and is more lean then curvy but since the pregnancy she has had more of a pear shaped body as her hips have widened.

    She is generally dressed pretty casually as working in a nursery meant that her clothes were often covered in paint or all other manner of stains. Jeans, t-shirts or cardigans are her usual attire for comfort and practicality. At home she likes to rock it up a bit as she is a self proclaimed rocker chick at heart but for work she has to tone it down.


    Madeline is a typical two year old. She has a chubby baby face and dark tight curls on her head like her mother had as a child. She has dark brown eyes that are reportedly like her fathers. She is never dressed in overly girly things like most toddlers. She is dressed more modernly as it fits better with her mothers tastes and she isn't into frilly girly dresses.


    Maxine is a very caring person who likes to let her hair down every once in a while. The most important thing in her life is her daughter and the children that are in her care at the nursery. She does however like to let her hair down when she can get a babysitter. She likes bars, clubbing although she is not a big drinker. Hangovers and small children did not mix well as she had learned in the past.

    She is however a private person. She has never wanted her personal life to affect her business and always kept strict boundaries to issues regarding her sexuality in work. She is playful and comes across as fun loving and charismatic genuinely a joyful person without a care in the world except for that of her daughter Madeline whom she has clearly devoted her life too.

    Madeline is a truly joyful child to be around. The only time she would be found to be crying is when she has hurt herself or when she is overtired. She is a friendly and social child with a very inquisitive nature that is always getting her into mischief but she is the type of child that you just cannot stay mad at.


    Maxine had what could be considered a regular upbringing. Her mother was a stay at home mother and her father was a successful car dealership owner so she had a moderately well up bringing. She has an older brother and sister making her the youngest and most rebellious of her siblings.

    She had a few blemishes in her past especially during her teenage years but as she got older she matured and managed to find her calling working with children. She got her certificates in child care and now operates a small yet lucrative child care facility with a dozen children in it, including her own.

    She was in a relationship with a man for over a year when she fell pregnant at 23. They tried to make it work between them but the relationship ended before Madeline was born and Maxine ended up raising her as a single mother. Although it was difficult, she wouldn't have it any other way. Especially now she has found love again rather unexpectedly with a woman named Amaria.

    She has kept the relationship private because of the nature of her work and people's prejudice's. She likes to keep her work and private separate and luckily for her she has found a woman who feels the same way and adores her daughter and her daughter adores her. Life really seems to hitting its stride for her but she has no idea of the secrets her bar tending girlfriend is keeping from her about who or what she really is but as they say ignorance is bliss.

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