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    Son of Mayhem


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    Son of Mayhem

    Post  KC on Sun May 24, 2015 2:29 pm

    The veil to Mayhem had opened with little concealment as it swirled in a mass of blackened mist, in the intersection of a busy city street. The ground had shuddered, cutlery on the table of restaurant goers and car alarms sounded as the shudder grew into something of an earthquake. Vaughan’s mortal body had given way to his demonic, no longer able to control the bioluminescence of his runes dissipate his wings, his talons or his canines. It was as if his true form had killed any remnant of his mortal skin, and that was completely fine with him. As the veil peeled open he stepped out, a smile alighting his face as screams of people who had never seen such sights nor the horrid wafting stench of the Mayhem realm. The sight was joyous to Vaughan, tasked as a soul reaper since having given his allegiance to Plague. It was a dark existence in contrast to his past, though as things had spiraled out of control. His friendship had become questionable, his sacrifice to save Kenshu by handing control to Xaphan and Plague. He had lost his love once more, this time completely when Romal had slept with Kenshu. Most of all he had lost his family. There was nothing holding him back and as such he now stood, looking at all of the souls so ripe for the taking.

    The gazing was cut short when shouting could be heard behind him, a middle aged cop standing in ready position with his gun drawn. His voice was shaky despite the tone as Vaughan turned, green eyes staring at the man with the same smirk.
    “Get on the ground!’


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    Re: Son of Mayhem

    Post  Cashan on Sun May 24, 2015 9:21 pm

    (( Alexandra participating in this story line does not affect any previous/on going story lines or her current bio on the site ))

    A blue hue shone a few feet away from the nearest street light as a young girl leaned against a wall watching silently. A toothpick ran along her lip as her tongue played with it, picking out the skin cells that lingered in her teeth.

    The alley that she blended into was the scene of her meal, the tall business man would have an awful pain in his neck and luckily for him he had had far to much take away food for her liking. That and the sudden activity on the street caught her attention.

    She zipped the brown leather jacket she was wearing up as she felt a sudden shill in the air. She looked over at the guy who seemed to come from the middle of nowhere. She raised an eyebrow as she stared at the strange markings on his skin. " There's something I ain't seen.. " she whispered to herself as she felt her heart beat ever so faintly. It would not beat again for another few minutes but she thought no more about then anyone else would.

    She was happy to be the spectator in this little game of cat and mouse, the cop being the obvious mouse in this situation as she wondered if he would live long enough to piss his pants because she knew that smirk all to well. This guy was a predator, she was a predator and two predators in one cage never worked out well so she thought it in her best interest to keep an eye on the guy if only to keep out of his way.

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