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    Post  KC on Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:37 am

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    Donovan Lowe

    BIRTHDATE/AGE: Appears late twenties, actual date of birth unknown
    RACE/SPECIES: Incubus
    FAMILY: Father is referred to as Uralises, an Incubus who was exercised after a long reign of night terror. His mother was a mortal victim and is unknown. Donovan does not have any siblings
    DESCRIPTION OF HOME: Donovan currently resides in a luxury home in the heart of a city port. His house is a large three story mansion, architecturally designed with large window paned walls which overlook the ocean, a plunge pool on the second story balcony and spacious open plan floors. His backyard edges on the beach.
    HEIGHT: 6'4"
    HAIR: Short black
    EYES: Silver, when blended in demonic appearance his pupils are not visible and his entire eye appears silver.
    OTHER FACIAL FEATURES/OTHER APPEARANCE DETAILS: sometimes has facial hair but limited to five o’clock shadow
    CLOTHING PARTICULARS: when he must wear clothes Donovan mostly wears jeans though has been seen in leather and often either open shirts, shirtless or wearing his leather bike jacket. Does like to wear suits

    Demonic appearance:
    Donovan does not appear in pure demonic form, opting to stray between mortal and a blend of both. When blended his Claws, Canines and a prehensile tail can be seen. His skin is as smooth as velvet.


    Sees self as: A party-goer, a relaxed type of person
    Is seen by others as: highly attractive given his species, seen to be high class with a silver tongue
    HABITS:  constant fornication,walking about naked, throwing lavish parties, seduction of others and not shy about it

    Dream Walking
    Sleep Inducement
    Enhanced Conditioning (strength, agility)
    Enslavement Kiss
    Life Force Absorption
    Desire inducement
    Pheromone manipulation

    Cannot induce sleep to creatures who do not naturally sleep
    Cannot manipulate large groups of people, only able to focus in on individuals
    Dream walking can only be used when subject is sleeping
    Must be in close physical contact to drain energy from someone’s life force
    Those with strong Psychic shields are not easily manipulated
    The incubus must feed and has a reputation for an insatiable taste

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