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    Trishna Kar - Drag 2  Empty Trishna Kar - Drag 2

    Post  Cashan on Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:30 pm


    Name: Dr. Trishna Kar.
    Nickname: Trish.
    Age: 27 years old.
    Nationality: American.
    Heritage: Indian/Hinda Heritage, non practicing.
    Relationship Status: Single, left to avoid arranged marriage.
    Resides in Drag.
    Occupation: Current manager of ' Safe Place ' a children's youth group for under privileged kids to get therapy and gain life skills. She runs it and also provides counseling as a psychologist.


    Aamir Kar - Father. ( Indian )
    Sharon Kar - Mother. ( American )
    Deven Kar - Brother (older).
    Anita Kar - Sister (younger).


    Emma Pierce -  acquaintance.
    Richard Pierce - Co-worker.


    Trishna Kar - Drag 2  Lady_by_narholt-d6p2hmc_zpsdb6c4fd8
    Hair: Long straight chocolate brown hair.
    Eyes: Deep chocolate brown eyes.
    Other features: Wears glasses when not wearing her contacts.
    Traits: Has a slight accent from living with her father.
    Clothing: Does not like to wear anything to revealing having grown up in a Indian household. She always looks classy and smart even in casual clothes. She very rarely wear traditional Indian garb.


    Trish is a very dignified and calm person. She is not easily flustered and is often wise beyond her years. She's considerate and a good listener which has served her well in her career as a psychologist.

    She is charitable and is fascinated by people. She licks to know what makes people tick and she is very observant. She always comes across as elegant and as a teenager friends used to joke that she was like an Indian Princess as she always came across as 'proper.' Thankfully she has lightened up as an adult and in her independence and found that she was a bit of an adrenaline junkie.


    Reading books new and old. Enjoys outdoor sports like rock climbing, surfing and on occasion abseiling. She's not afraid to try anything once, within reason.


    Trish is the middle child to a mixed family home. Her mother whom she is very close with is American and converted to Hindi later on in life. Her father however was born in India and is a 'traditional' Hindi man.

    She grew up in a very strict household but was taught values like hard work, family loyalty and the importance of education and success. She had been very close to her family til her father and older brother tried to arrange a marriage to a family friend that she had no interest in marrying.

    Outraged she left soon after college and started a new life in Drag focusing on children's charities and doing what she is passionate about.

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