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    Russell and Roland - Class & Society Empty Russell and Roland - Class & Society

    Post  Cashan on Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:18 pm

    Russell and Roland - Class & Society Tumblr_laahilVaSY1qdfxeho1_400_zps379e161d
    Portrait of Alexander Russell


    Alexander Russell hails from America, New York to be exact. He came from a working class family and excelled in sales. At the tender age of 23, he came to these lands to open the first department store in the area. It was vast and grand and changed the way people shopped. No more going to individual tailors, everything one could want was under one shop.

    He was once married and it was with her fine dowry and a substantial inheritance he built the fine Establishment Russell & Roland's. Edward Roland being his long time friend and business partner. Over the two years it has opened, it has become a huge success and only added to their vast fortune.

    The ambitious young man now has his eyes set on a title to add to his fortune and with his wife's passing a year ago he is looking to wed into a prestigious family who can help him excel and as a widower at the age of 25, he is the perfect husband for any young woman looking for a wealthy husband.


    Russell and Roland - Class & Society Neznakomka-520_zpsf7d3beb7
    Portrait of Alice Russell


    Alice Russell is the younger sister of Alexander and shares his ambitions in life. She's wants a grandeur life for herself and her future children. She is a striking beauty with unusual red hair and must always been seen in the heights of fashion from around the world. Appearances mean everything to her and she is eager to become the wife of an English gentleman.

    Her snobbery can be forgiven though by her infectious nature. She is not as reserved as other women and often speaks her mind. She is not shy about letting people know her opinion as she values it highly but she is generally vindictive unless she is crossed.

    Needless to say she is a rose with thorns and at 20 years of age she is in full bloom.


    Russell and Roland - Class & Society Lne_bcmu_ldbcm_2008_1_large_zpsac33de31
    Portrait of Margaret Russell


    Margaret Russell is a woman made comfortable by her sons fortune. Her husband died of the Spanish flu five years ago as before her family set off to find fortune in a different land. She believes that it was her husbands death that caused her son, his heir, to leave their homeland.

    Things however have gone in their favor as her brothers business has been most successful and she has been lucky enough to bare the fruit of her sons labor and has been well taken care of by her son and lives a very comfortable lifestyle.

    Having come from nothing she isn't shy to flaunt what she has and brags about her family and their possessions. However she does have a soft heart and does not look down on others. She is constantly looking for new charity's to patron, much to her sons frustration.


    Russell and Roland - Class & Society TYV_PrinceAlbertGarden_zps8ec3e1d7
    Portrait of Edward Roland


    Edward Roland's is a long time friend of Alexander Russell. He is the brains and management of the Russell & Roland's establishment. Alexander was never one to get his hands dirty so it was always left to Edward to do . But he was happy to do the dirty work. Alexander brought the charisma and money to make their ventures a reality where as Edward was dull but clever.

    He was the son of a cobbler and his father was close friends with the late Mr.Russell and so they have known each other since they were young boys. Alexander and Edward are like the brothers the other never had. Together they have made quite a pair in business and in life.

    A secret that Edward has kept even from Alexander, is that he is madly in love with Alexander's sisters Alice. He has never acted on his emotions however as the family have made their intentions quite clear for Alice and he suspected he would never get their blessing as they wanted more for her.

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