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    The Williams Family/Coven ( WITCH) - Tales of Rockford


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    The Williams Family/Coven ( WITCH) - Tales of Rockford

    Post  Cashan on Sun Apr 20, 2014 1:03 am

    (( A collaboration of characters that I have adjusted for the story. Details and history have been tweaked for the story. This in no way affects the past or ongoing story lines with the characters on this site or elsewhere. ))

    The Williams Coven Family/Covan.

    Head of the Family

    Mother: Rosalina 'Rose' Williams.
    Age: Forty one years old. Her magically abilities however make her look younger like in her thirty's.
    Species: Witch - Elder.



    A fiercely protective mother, Rosalina would die and kill for her children. Discipline and respect are important to her as an elder witch and in her day to day life. She is strict but not to an extreme.

    To outsiders and those she does not trust she can come across as defensive especially to those she does not trust. But to her family and those within her circle of trust she can be caring and attentive. She is always there to listen and offer wise advice but also believes you make your own solution choosing for people to make their own luck as it were rather then look to others to fix it for them.



    Eldest Daughter: Gwyneth 'Gwyn' Williams.
    Age: 21 years old.
    Species: Witch - Trained.



    The eldest daughter, Gwyn is a confident young woman. She isn't afraid of her magic and has never had any desire to be like other girls. She has a slight rebellious streak in her and enjoys things most other girls do at her age. Partying, clothes, men, much to her mothers dismay.

    She is fun loving but good hearted and always looks out for her little sister who she cares about deeply.

    Among her magic studies she is studying botany as Magic herbalogoy and potion making are her forte. It helps her in her job in a local flower shop .


    Youngest Daughter: Grace Williams.
    Age: 16 years old.
    Species: Witch - Trainee.



    Grace is shy, uncertain teenage girl. Despite her mother and sister's proficiency for magic Grace only ever wanted to be like other girls. Normal. She's sweet but sensitive and often takes things people say to heart. She is a little awkward as she hasn't figured out who she truly is yet.

    She's loving and cares for her family but resents her mother at times when she pushes her to practice magic. She tries to fit in in school and has no real idea what she wants to do with her life.

    She is curious though. Loves to learn and is interested in travel and languages. She has a natural ability for languages and so her ability for incantations is greater then that of her sisters.

    ~~~Family History~~~

    Rosalina met her would be husband at the tender age of sixteen. They were high school sweet hearts and they were drawn to each other because of the ancestry of magic. She was a witch in training and he was a warlock although this was secret to all but their families who also shared a magical descent.

    At eighteen they married and two years later they gave birth to their first Gwyneth. Rosalina at this point was training to be a teacher but with the birth of her child she decided to remain at home to raise her. Samuel (Sam) earned money for the family by working his way up from veterinary assistant to a vet.

    Life was good for the small family until tragedy struck when Sam was killed in an animal attack. Reports say it was possibly coyotes or mountain lions but Rosalina always suspected that wolves were to blame and not the natural kind.

    Coming to terms with the fact she was a widow at the tender age of 25 with a five year old child she discovered a couple of weeks later that she was pregnant once again. Initially adjusting was difficult but she managed to find her feet and became a teacher after all.

    A single mother she raised her two girl in the way of magic protecting them from life and the dangers in it. Life has now brought new trials and with that even more testing times for all the family.

    Gwyneth of Gwyn as she likes to go by is finding magic consuming her life and although she loves the power she craves to find a way to stop herself from becoming her mother.

    Grace on the other hand would love nothing more then to leave magic behind and be like everyone else. To spend weekends getting her nails done with other girls then spending time indoors practicing magic and potions.

    Rosalina manages to maintain the household and is constantly striving to perfect her magic and make her daughters the best witches she can make them. But with one daughter grown and looking to fly the nest and the other quickly on her tails, she is struggling to accept the fact that soon her little chicks will be flying the nest.

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