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    The Montgomery Family Bio - Class and Society


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    The Montgomery Family Bio - Class and Society

    Post  Cashan on Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:36 pm

    The Montgomery Family Tree

    Jonathon Fredrick Montgomery

    The Montgomery family is an affluent family that has excelled in the area of banking, investments and finance. The Montgomery Monetary Bank is one of the leading business banks of the 1900's. Jonathon took over as CEO at the tender of age of thirty when his father passed away suddenly.

    Now at the age of forty five, he has brought the business to new heights and continued the legacy of Montgomery Monetary for his son who would be the fourth generation of Montgomery sons to continue the family business of finance.

    Jonathon is a shrewd business man and comes across as the strong silent type. He is not overly affectionate or emotional as he did not see it was proper. Emotions were for women and those were something he had plenty of.

    Dorothy Grace Montgomery

    Wife of nearly twenty years to Jonathon Montgomery, she was originally Dorothy Grace Stafford before she wed at the sweet age of eighteen. She is a highly educated woman although the aim was always to marry well she valued knowledge as often those with knowledge had power.

    Apart from raising her two children she was an active socialite and humanitarian. She attends various events and gives generously and is well known in social circles.

    She is known to be generous although she can sometimes come across as indifferent in her attempt to keep her private thoughts out of the rumor mill. She is well aware of her husbands mistresses and so that has led to a tense marriage and an unhappy home life.
    Conrad Joseph Montgomery

    The only son of Jonathon Montgomery, Conrad has led a very privileged life as the future heir of Montgomery Monetary. He has been spoilt and has enjoyed the lifestyle that has been provided for him.

    He is as much a womanizer as his father only he is less subtle about it. He can be charming and debonair and have all the airs and graces as expected but behind closed doors he is more laid back and does not care for social norms behind closed doors especially when those doors belong to him.

    At only twenty years of age he exudes confidence and seems fearless in the face of large social events and even conflict as he manages to keep his cool in tense situations which is partly due to his laid back attitude and his unshakable demeanor.
    Abagail Rose Montgomery

    The youngest and only daughter of  the Montgormery's, she led a sheltered life. She spent a lot of her time in the family library and was encouraged by her mother to focus on books and music. She is a skilled musician and very cultured although she prefers to keep herself at the best of times.

    Having just turned eighteen the social year is about to begin and thus her life as a woman is about to commence and her hair that had been worn down was now pinned up to prove her eligibility for marriage. She is by no means unfriendly and most people who know her say she is well spoken and very witty when you do start a conversation with her. But she is very unimposing and sweet with a certain naivety that shows her sheltered roots.

    She is a bit of dreamer though. She has dreams of traveling the world and seeing all the exotic places she had read about in her books but her mother has other plans for her and she doesn't want to disappoint them and so will play along with her mothers plans and try to fulfill the role as past she can despite her vivid imagination and impossible dreams.

    * Authors Note: This family is for an Edwardian or Victorian time period. *

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