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    Princess Sabine Alexa Vincent ( MORTAL )


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    Princess Sabine Alexa Vincent ( MORTAL )

    Post  Cashan on Wed Dec 11, 2013 3:42 pm

    The Biography of Princess Sabine Alexa Vincent.

    Lady Sabine is the daughter of King Alexander and Elizabeth Vincent of Livingstone in the Northern Mountainous region. The region itself is a wealthy one. The mountains have provided many resources to the land in stone, gems and the large trees that grow on the fertile land provided many trade-able goods and the difficult terrain made it difficult for any enemies to invade so the land has prospered.

    As with all northern areas, it is colder and the weather is harsher in the winter. Which has led to the citizens and royal family having trademark having fair skin and fair hair. The people also bare a hallmark accent that is often seen as rough and hard to understand to the outside ear. a

    Sabine was born as the second daughter and third child to the Royal family. The eldest child is her sister but the heir to the throne is her brother whom is the middle child. Her sister and brother have been wed to suitable suitors leaving her to find herself a suitable bachelor worthy of her title and stature and can keep her in the lifestyle in which she is accustomed.

    At seventeen she set her sights on the Prince of Callander who was set to take the throne. Should their marriage come to fruition then she would be a Queen and bring more honor and power to the family name. It follows her ambitious nature to try and marry into the highest position possible and her spoilt and entitled childhood made her feel she deserved it. But to what measures she will go to, to fulfill her ambitions is of yet unknown.

    Portrait of Sabine Vincent

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