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    Dominick Hart ( Vampire )


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    Dominick Hart ( Vampire )

    Post  Cashan on Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:27 pm

    The biography of Dominick Hart

    Name: Dominick Hart

    Age: I'm like a wine, only gets better with age.

    Origins: Does it matter?

    Species: Vampire.

    Weaknesses: Sunlight, silver and young women.

    Personality: Dominick is a no fuss no frills kinda guy. He has been alive to long to care about the feelings of others. He calls it as he sees it and doesn't mince his words with the exception of Rosalina.


    History: Dominick was a wealthy young man as a human. He was well dressed and wasn't afraid to flaunt his money in the towns and became a regular Lothario. It was his antics in the bedroom that resulted in his turning when he tried to woo a beautiful red head in a tavern one night.

    They spent a night together and the woman was so smitten with him, she turned him so they could be together forever. But forever didn't last as long as she thought and Dominick soon got bored of being a one woman man.

    It was during his travels and attempts to free himself of his sire that he found Rosalina, the only woman to ever deny him and over time he developed a sort of fondness and respect for the woman that he had never developed for others. A mutual respect was formed and although he can come and go he does spend a majority of his time at Mortum Manor.

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