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    The autobiography of Rosalina Williams.

    " If they ask who I am, firstly tell them it is not to polite to pry into the business of a lady. But if they insist you may tell them that I am Rosalina of Mortum Manor and should you find yourself in my house, you should be prepared to follow my rules or you will no longer be welcome and you would not care to see what happens to unwelcome guests. "

    Name: Miss Rosalina Williams but prefers to go by Rosalina or Rose.

    Age: A lady never discusses her age but I do look good for my age.

    Residence: Mortum Manor, Salem, Massechuests.

    Species: Vampire.

    Weaknesses: Silver, sunlight.

    Personality: Rosalina is a matronly figure within her own home. She is equal of both kindness and cruelty. Obey her rules and do not cross her and you will only see her generous side. Disobey her rules or anger her you may soon see her darker side and wished you hadn't. She is noted to take on a motherly role towards younger vampires and it is rumoured that when she was human she had children but no one knows if this is true or not.

    Rosalina Williams ( Vampire ) La_esmeralda_by_enchantedwhispers-d64qd6i_zps21757e8a

    History: As a human she lived an ordinary life. She was a wife to a butcher, had a decent working class home and two beautiful daughters. Life was a joy. But that all changed one cool night.

    She carried a basket with some bread and soup that she had brought to her poorly mother earlier that evening. It was winter and so the night had descended quickly on her. She walked through the streets, her shawl over her head to keep the breeze off off the back of her neck.

    What happened next was all a bit of a blur. There was a man and he was far stronger then any normal man. He knocked her down to the ground and bit her neck as she struggled but there was nothing she could of done. At the time she couldn't know what was happening to her but she would find out.

    When she awoke she was ravenous, consumed by an unknown thirst. It was almost daylight and she fumbled through the streets disorientated. She went to the only place she felt safe. Home.

    She would forever regret that decision and would spend the rest of her immortal life trying to come to terms with what had happened and filling the void within her.

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