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    Lysander Romaro


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    Lysander Romaro

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    Name: Lysander Romaro.
    Age: 300 Years of age.
    Species: Vampire.
    Origins: France.
    Family: Unknown.

    Height: 6''4.
    Hair: Shoulder length, wavy, black.
    Eyes: Silver.
    Other facial features: Stubble, a small deep scar over his right eye brow.
    Clothing: Mainly wears black.

    Personality: Lysander is very observant and for the most part quiet, he will not speak about himself openly. Lysander is level headed and has a high concentration level, he is a good problem solver and has very quick reactions.

    Like all vampires, he has a weakness for all things holy, silver and sunlight.
    As all vampires also, Lysander has increased strength, speed and senses making him superior to the human race. His elder age means he is much stronger and advanced to younger vampires.

    He feeds off of human and occasionally animal blood and he is ruthless in his hunting.
    When his hunger takes over he lacks compassion and will kill whoever he sees fit at the time.

    Lysander is an incredible hunter, he has much experience which makes him a force to be reckoned with but among those that he holds dear he has a loving and caring side to him that is well hidden beneath his cold exterior.

    History: Lysander is 300 years old, his biological family history remains unknown. Upon birth his mother died and Lysander was left to fend for himself, his father nowhere to be found.
    For a few hours his cold body lay on the wet and dirt ridden ground, waiting to die.
    He was taken up by a lone man on his horse and since that moment, the man raised the baby with his wife as their own, naming him Lysander.

    Many years later, Lysander did every trade he could to help support his now elderly adopted parents. Reaching the age of 22, Lysander made a good life for them and was a well known tradesman in the area.
    Tales of vampires and witches came to France, murders and accusations were thrown around to everyone and anyone.
    Lysander was accused of being one of them, his good fortune causing jealously among the people.

    The villagers out casted him and he fled his family to keep them safe.
    At the age of 24 he returned to his once home only to find it burnt to the ground.
    His parent's were no where to be found, ashes among the many. Lysander was distraught and his anger filled screams caught the attention of a vampire feeding off of nearby corpses.
    Lysander was not match for him and after a fight he gave in and welcomed death. The vampire saw something in him and instead of killing him, he turned him and brought him into his clan.

    From that day, Lysander grew strong and fearsome. As his skills increased the one who turned him grew jealous and it ended in a bloody battle where Lysander was the last one to remain out of the entire clan.
    For the rest of his years until now, Lysander had many tales and many battles. He moved across country to country over the years and found himself here in Salem, where he has remained for a few years after falling in love with a witch, Mariah.

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