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    Maiden Elouise Helen Danvers ( Mortal )


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    Maiden Elouise Helen Danvers ( Mortal )

    Post  Cashan on Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:04 pm

    The Biography of Elouise Helen Danvers.

    The Danver family have historical had links to the royal Alamar family dating back four generations to her great grandfather who became the royal tailor to his Royal Highness King Rupert the first. They proved to have a devoted and loyal work ethic and have become trusted members of the royal court.

    Elouise Helen Danvers was born eighteen summers ago in the servants quarters of Castle Callander. She led a better life then those on the street receiving education in languages, etiquette, dance, secretarial tasks, reading and writing, embroidery, horse riding, wardrobe care as well as everything she needed to know about how to serve the Queen in her court. She even spent occasions playing with the royal children in the courtyard when no lessons were being held. She also proved herself to be a skilled seamstress and dress maker and has made many gowns for the Queen and the young Princess whom she is quite fond of.

    She is known as reliable amongst the rest of the servants, always willing to help those with any task that needed doing and never one to partake in the usual gossiping among the other members of court or the servants.

    The portraits below depict the young around her eighteenth birthday during the time of Prince Christians arrival back to Castle Callander. She has a mass of curled shoulder length hair that is normally tied up in a regal fashion to be presented well and also for function. Unusual for the time she has pale green eyes. Her body is slender but by no means malnourished as she was privileged enough to have never gone hungry growing up in the castle.

    Just how important she was to the royal family is of yet unclear but her existence has so far proven vital to the everyday running of the castle.

    A portrait of Elouise Helen Danvers.

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