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    The Nash Family & Tavern Bio.


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    The Nash Family & Tavern Bio.

    Post  Cashan on Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:45 pm

    The Nash Family Bio

    Family History

    The Nash name has always been a feature in Belleview. The tavern has been passed down from father to son since the town was founded. Benjamin Nash has been running the Tavern for the last twenty years when his own father died of the Consumption.

    He married Jane Rayman, a local beauty and teacher's aide soon after the death of his father and mother, many say for convince.

    It was an unhappy marriage, Jane's only joy were her two children Benjamin Jr and Charlotte and her work which was way the community was shocked when the popular figure disappeared when her children were 12 and 8 years of age.

    Strangely Benjamin Nash continued on business as usual, his wife's disappearance hardly making a difference to his daily life leading to rumors of fowl play among the locals, leading to further isolation of the children more so then Benjamin.

    As the children grew they were put to work in the tavern rather then continuing their education with their peers leaving Charlotte friendless but Benjamin jr. would always manage to sneak off and get into trouble.

    As her brother continued to make trouble, Charlotte was forced to take on the role of woman of the house. Helping maintain the home and the tavern while her brother started getting in trouble with local law enforcement. This continued until her brother was forced into hiding after a shoot out after a bank robbery.

    The continuing bad reputation of the Nash name lead to the business dwindling as most did not want to be associated with them. Despite to save the business Benjamin Senior decided to move his family into the then back store room and opened up and divided into numerous small box rooms that were to be used to run an inn.

    But this idea did little to generate any revenue as very few travelers went through the area. So after a impromptu meeting with an ill repute madame, women suddenly flooded into the tavern occupying the empty rooms. With the women followed the men who were searching for debauchery and lude acts.

    Now the tavern hosts various shows starring the women for the criminals and less then savory characters that now partake in the taverns services all while drinking their weight in ale. Leaving Benjamin Sn to revel in this new found success and drink his own profits. All the while Charlotte is left to pick up the pieces and struggle amidst the chaos.

    Home and Business Description.

    The Nash Tavern and Inn is the local haunt for most of the men in Belleview. It offers cheap ale, cheap jokes and cheap women.

    It offers plenty of tables and a small stage to the side where local musicians play live music and every evening come 9pm the entertainment takes to the stage. Varies women scantily clad take to the stage to dance and sometimes sing to entice the customers to later partake of their services in the upstairs rooms that can be rented out.

    At the back of the bar is a door that leads to a storeroom and onto a small living area for the family containing two small bedrooms, a kitchen and family room and a bathroom. Making for a modest and small family home.

    Family Description.

    Benjamin Nash

    Age: 52 years old.
    Height: 5 foot 9 inches.
    Hair: Very little left, has a comb over greying almost white hair.
    Eyes: Green.
    Other features: He is of a stocky build having helped himself to his own ale one to many times and is short.
    Clothing: Wears a white shirt that always looks a little to tight and dark colored trousers and wears a white apron that is always stained.
    Personality: Although Benjamin looks like a jolly old innkeeper and to his friends and customers could be that way. He can also be cranky and demanding and sometimes cruel. He has a low opinion of women and often degrades them. He has somewhat of a big ego and doesn't respect authority much.

    Jane Margaret Nash ( sub character )

    Current Age: 49 years old.
    Height: 5foot 7 inches.
    Hair: Long blonde hair that showed no signs of age.
    Eyes: Grey.
    Other features: Jane is of a small unimposing build and always had a warm smile for those she passed.
    Clothing: She was modest in the way she dressed. Wearing boots and long pleated day dresses in varies colors and normally wearing long sleeves.
    Personality: Sweet and kind, Jane was once the belle of Belleview. As a teacher at the local school house, she was well known by the community and very popular with children and parents alike. It was common knowledge that her marriage was loveless and most saw her husband as undeserving.

    Benjamin Lee Nash Junior( sub character )

    Age: 25 years old.
    Height: 6 foot.
    Hair: Dark Blonde hair.
    Eyes: Green.
    Other features: Unlike his father, he is much fitter and stronger and so is considered somewhat muscular.
    Clothing: Always has a cowboy hat and brandishing a weapon. Likes over sized belt buckles.
    Personality: Is an outright bad boy of Belleview. Once considered a cheeky young lad that soon changed as he grew. Harmless pranks became minor crimes of pickpocketing and escalated. He's seen as rough and dangerous and at times even volatile.

    Charlotte Elizabeth Nash

    Age: 21 years old.
    Height: 5foot 7.
    Hair: Golden Blonde.
    Eyes: Grey.
    Other Features: Her face is freckled and soft. Her body is rather petite and small in stature.
    Clothing: Is generally in her work clothes of a long dark skirt and apron. A white full sleeved shirt with a small frilly bow along the neck and some worn leather woman's boots. When the occasion calls for it she will wear some of her mothers day dresses that she has kept.
    Personality: Much like her mother she was known as a friendly and loving child who was very bright. But with her Mothers disappearance she became quiet and shy. Locals in the bar would barely notice her fluttering around the bar doing her chores and maintaining as best she could normality for her and her father.

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