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    RPG Specific Guidelines


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    RPG Specific Guidelines

    Post  Admin on Sun May 20, 2012 4:02 pm


    • Please do not god mod, simple rule. Identities no matter how strong will have a weakness of some kind. All we ask is that should you be involved in an altercation of some kind we expect that you will be realistic with your character damage/impact.

    • Unless pre-arranged with the other member, killing of characters is not permitted.

    • Try to provide descriptive posts of a decent length.

    • Maintain the true identity of the character you are using, for example. Jane is shy, so we wouldnt suddenly expect her to confidently beat the crap out of some dude....

    • Notify members if you are leaving for a period of more then three days. this will help to cull complaints of people 'not posting'

    • Romance is allowed however any content of an extreme graphical nature is not allowed. We expect sexual intercourse to be covered by a time skip noted with the use of four stars and a stated period of time.

    • We have a mortal specific rpg forum here, simple rule is, mortal only. The immortal rpg forum is open for both.

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