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    Target Acquired


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    Target Acquired

    Post  Nienna on Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:34 am

    The wig was driving her mad, but it was a requirement for today. Reaching up she pushed the dark side fringe out of her eyes moving one of the many pins holding the bun together to the side catching the stray strands and pinning them down. Sighing softly she continues walking up the stairs of a side street in Rome heading for the office building where the latest assignment information would be waiting for her. Normally she would insist on it emailed but this employer wanted to meet her face to face. what did she care its not like one little cao could do much damage to her, she mite be only 19 but no one new that and she could safely pass as someone in their late twenties.

    Reaching the top of the steps she stoped to look around and take in all that was around her. Small groups of people gathered around maps chattering away in different languages about what tourist site they wanted to visit next. Gripping the show briefcase she gritted her teeth as she felt the eyes of perverted locals eye her legs in the black stiletto heels, this was why she rarely wore skirts, the urge to leave them with slit necks she pushed on through the cramped small streets. Taking the long way she made sure there was no one following her. Walking into a bigger street that was littered with outdoor tables, seats and umbrellas she watched people que for a seating Denehy's, a lovely little cafe that served four star food. The sounds of plates, chattering and a mix of languages filled the air bouncing back off the walls of the close knit buildings.

    Finally turning into the square Careana had to cross to get to the America based company she slowed her walk to give her the time to check out the people filling the cobble-stone market square and see what else mite catch her attention.

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    Re: Target Acquired

    Post  KC on Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:23 am

    The job had come through the previous week with a limited details as possible. Perfection. Who gave the orders was not known, though the contract stated simply that rather than killing the target, Lucio was clearly to defend someone against being assassinated. It wasn’t an unusual request, though if he could avoid such things it would have been a better arrangement.
    Lucio D’Alessandro strolled with meaning across the square, weaving with accompanying foot traffic around him. These people went about their business unaware of their idiocy to look like sitting ducks. How anyone could ever sit into a 9 to 5 hour job was beyond him. Still he appreciated the swap of his casuals for the tailored business suit he wore, striped black slim tie sitting over his chest where his heart beat inclined a little as he scanned the crowds around him from under a set of shades he had purchased at a local menswear shop. He had transformed himself into a business man within the hour, carrying a zip up folder which would contain documents with ac company logo, and what appeared to be a business plan. Of course it was all a set up, providing an avenue and cover for him to sweep the buildings where a tip off had come through regarding a meeting between the target offenders.
    “Locate the assassin, restrain and report in, if all else fails you will assume watch of target E and prevent his untimely death”


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    Re: Target Acquired

    Post  Nienna on Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:45 am

    Careana reached the building and pushed the glass doors open and walked directly to the receptionist with a smile. Pulling out identification, fake of course , she slid it forward and smiled again " i have a two o clock appointment , i know i am a little early but i was close by for lunch. Carry Blackmore for Abram Donovan." chewing on her bottom lip to pass as though she was nervous about the meeting. The woman looked up and smiled at Careana looking to the i.d then back up frowning as though she didn't believe the woman in front of her was 28. Letting it go after a few moments she pulled out a visitors pass and handed it to her.

    " Miss Blackmore , Mr Donovan's office is on the 18th floor. The pass will get you all the way up, please just drop it back here on your way back out after your meeting."

    Nodding to the woman she took the pass and headed for the lifts to the right, she kept her head held high and she pressed the button clipping the pass to her lapel and tapped her toe silently as she waited for the ding to signal her lift had arrived. Silently she let her eyes wander as she watched the people milling about going about their business.

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    Re: Target Acquired

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