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    Natsumi Kiyomi ( Human ~ Magical)


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    Natsumi Kiyomi ( Human ~ Magical)

    Post  Nienna on Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:08 pm


    Natsumi Kiyomi




    Approx. 5’3


    117 pounds

    Body Build

    Toned carries most weight on hips and



    Hair Colour

    Varies from town to town. Natural hair
    is Black. Currently a deep Brown.

    Eye Colour

    Palest Blue, almost white.




    Believed Human, is
    in fact Elemental/Element Bender.


    Parents names unknown, father died in a tragic circus 'accident' when she was 4 months old and her mother died soon after of what is said to have been a broken heart. She was raised by the old ringmaster and trained to perfect her gifts. When he died she took his place as he had no children of his own.

    Job (s)



    Circus Ringmaster, Trapezes Artist,


    Little is known of how she came to be what she is, her mother or father had no discernible abilities other than eye catching on the trapeze. Four months after her birth on the road with the circus her father fell while setting up the trapeze before a performance and the safety net seemed to split ending his young life as his daughters had just barely begun. For a while her mother seemed to be coping, minding her small child while grieving for the man she loved, but it was not meant to be. A short two months later she was found dead in her caravan with her small child screaming out to be fed. Taking pity on the small infant the ringmaster decided to take her in and raise her as his own.

    At the tender age of four the old ringmaster began to notice something was different about his little Miki, something that had not been seen by his people in over two centuries. At first he thought he was imagining it but as the weeks passed by her powers seemed to grow and strengthen. Deciding a choice was to be made he made a call, for he was no ordinary ringmaster, he was a trained assassin or as some call them a ninja. Apron the arrival of the ringmasters old masters her training began, the days were long and hard on the four year old but the nights were even harder forced to train every moment of the day allowing only the barest minimum to sleep and eat she thrived and grew strong. By her 18th birthday she was lethal and had learned all the masters could teach her. Now a stone cold killer she did as she was bid by those higher up, using the cover of a trapeze artist to move from town to town with her beloved circus.

    At the tender age of 21 her ‘father’ and teacher fell ill and passed away leaving her the circus and the responsibility of training the next generation. And so hanging up her knives, at least until needed dearly, she grasped the responsibility with both hands and excelled. Now two years on, she is still traveling with the circus, picking up those knives when the old masters call.

    After months of searching out a home for her people she found the Sevari Sands the orinial seat of her ancestors. Once there she discovered that someone had been stealing young bends with promise of being great to fuel the powers of surrounding lands, this caused rage to course her veins, setting out to find and return the children she ran into a vampire names KnOT, seeing her power he offered a helping hand but when the time came he had vanished into the shadows. Leaving alone she retrieved those she could leaving the bodies of the kidnappers tortured to the point where you weren't quiet sure they were infact human once apon a time. When the last child was returned she decided maybe the sands was not the safest place for her kind, leaving again to find a new home she traveled to Norway, finding an empty coastline she began using the very land itself to build a new village not realizing what slept deep beneath the ground. Awakening the Ancient Vampire male ,Jorundur , they fought until he was trapped in solidified lava and the energy all but left her leaving her open to death should he break free however the male soon realized she was mearly trying to protect herself and agreed to talk and talk they did however when she went to leave the tole of using powers long dominant she collapsed and Jorundur was left to help her. Hours later she came round, thanked the male for not using her as an easy feed, she left the male to return to her people deciding to stand her ground and protect them in the place they held so close to their hearts.

    Distinguishing Physical Features

    Numerous Tattoos'.

    Tongue, Lips and Ears pierced.


    Can be killed as she has the normal human ability to die. Her powers are linked to her inner energy or chi. When drained from over doing it can pass our and even suffer serious backlash from the elements and so takes her life into her own hands each time she pushes the limits.


    ( Detailed Description of
    each element to save questions later )

    Has full control over the elements, is able to
    bend them to her will and also can produce them without contact with the
    element in question. Elements include;

    Ø Aerokinesis -manipulate the air, wind,
    and gas.

    Ø Aeroportation - teleport using air/wind

    Ø Air Mimicry - transform into a cloud of
    gas, fog, or mist.

    Ø Atmokinesis - manipulate the weather by
    mixing water, fire, earth, air, and lightning/electricity.

    Ø Deoxygenation - suck up all the oxygen
    from a place.

    Ø Lung Adaptation - breath anywhere

    Ø Wind Generation - create blasts of air.

    Ø Divine Winds Manipulation - create and
    control heavenly winds.

    Ø Dark Wind Manipulation - create and
    control eerie winds.

    Ø Geokinesis - control, manipulate, and
    reshape the earth at will.

    Ø Atmokinesis - control and manipulate the
    weather by mixing water, fire, earth, air, and lightning/electricity.

    Ø Crystallokinesis - manipulate minerals and

    Ø Dehydration - absorb/repel all water.

    Ø Ferrokinesis... manipulate metal at will.

    Ø Fraxikinesis - manipulate burnt matter.

    Ø Geo-Thermokinesis - manipulate, control,
    and create lava, magma and volcanoes.

    Ø Golem Creation - make golems out of
    inanimate materials like rocks, wood, plants, magma, etc.

    Ø Granulation... can turn things into sand.

    Ø Halokinesis - control and manipulate salt.

    Ø Hyalokinesis - control and manipulate

    Ø Koniokinesis - manipulate and control dust

    Ø Naturakinesis - manipulate and control the
    powerful forces of nature itself.

    Ø Plassikinesis - manipulate and control all
    forms of plastic.

    Ø Psammokinesis - can control and manipulate

    Ø Terrakinesis - control, manipulate and
    alter/reshape the surrounding terrain and landscape at will.

    Ø Terraportation - teleport via the earth and
    earth-based materials.

    Ø Sacred Earth Manipulation - Create,
    manipulate, control, reshape divine earth minerals.

    Ø Black Earth Manipulation - Create,
    manipulate and control tainted and evil earth minerals.


    Ø Pyrokinesis - create, control and
    manipulate fire, flame and heat.

    Ø Atmokinesis - control and manipulate the
    weather by mixing water, fire, earth, air, and lightning/electricity.

    Ø Fire Breathing - breathe out flames.

    Ø Geo-Thermokinesis - manipulate lava, magma
    and volcanoes.

    Ø Heliokinesis - manipulate and control the
    sun and sunlight.

    Ø Hell-Fire Manipulation - Generate and
    control flames of hell.

    Ø Holy Fire Manipulation - Generate and
    control flames of Heaven.

    Ø Inflammation - burn things.

    Ø Melting - heat molecules to melt things.

    Ø Plasmakinesis - can control plasma.

    Ø Pyrotechnics - create fireworks.

    Ø Thermokinesis - create, control and
    manipulate heat.


    Ø Hydrokinesis - manipulate and control liquid
    water and mold it into any desired shape or form.

    Ø Aquatic Adaptation - adapted to underwater

    Ø Aquatic Respiration - breathe underwater.

    Ø Atmoskinesis- control and manipulate the
    various aspects of the weather by mixing water, fire, earth, air, and

    Ø Dehydration - absorb water.

    Ø Hydroportation - teleport across short or
    long distances through liquid water.

    Ø Water Mimicry - turn into liquid water.

    Ø Holy Water Manipulation - create,
    manipulate and control graceful waters.

    Ø Dark Water Manipulation - create,
    manipulate and control evil and dangerous waters.


    Ø Umbrakinesis - can manipulate and control
    darkness or shadows.

    Ø Light Absorption - block out light in an

    Ø Night Vision - see in the dark.

    Ø Shadow Camouflage - be unseen in shadows.

    Ø Shadow Mimicry - become a shadow.

    Ø Pass Out - you can make people and animals
    pass out at any time any were anyone pass out.

    Ø Shadow Absorbtion- allows you to suck the
    shadows from any place.

    Ø Shadow Clone- bring someone elses shadow to
    life or your own and they become solid but without color.

    Electricity/LightningØ Quintessence Force -Can generate
    whitish-blue lightning that also contains pure life energy.

    Ø Electrokinesis - control, generate or
    absorb electric fields and shoot lightning bolts.

    Ø Activation & Deactivation - turn stuff
    on and off.

    Ø Electrical Absorption - absorb electricity.

    Ø Electric Mimicry -transform entire body
    into a lightning-like being of pure elcetrical energy

    Ø Electrical Transportation - teleport with

    Ø Divine Lightning Manipulation - create and
    control the brightest lightning.

    Ø Black Lightning Manipulation - create and control
    the darkest lightning.


    Ø Dynamokinesis - manipulate existing energy?.

    Ø Energy Blasts - create blasts of energy.

    Ø Energy Emission - release energy.

    Ø Quintessence Force - create and manipulate
    unique form of electrical and life energy.

    Ø Mana Manipulation

    Ø Chi Manipulation

    Ø Electricity Manipulation

    Ø Energy Manipulation


    Ø Cryokinesis - control ice, snow and other
    forms of frozen water.

    Ø Freeze Breath - freeze things in solid ice.

    Ø Freezing - lower the temperature in kinetic
    atoms to freezing temperatures.

    Ø Ice Beam - shoot beams of freezing energy.

    Ø Ice Generation

    LightØ Photokinesis - create and manipulate pure

    Ø Force-Field Generation - create protective
    shields of solid photons.

    Ø Invisibility - be unseen.

    Ø Laser Emission - bend light wavelengths to
    create lasers.

    Ø Light Absorption -absorb the light around

    Ø Light Generation - emit blinding light or
    glow in the dark.

    Ø Light Mimicry - take on the traits of

    Ø Photoportation - Teleport by using photons.

    Ø Projective Invisibility - turn other things

    Ø Evil Banish - Rid and banish all spirits of
    evil and black magic.

    Ø Light Manipulation


    Ø Chlorokinesis - generate and control

    Ø Bibliokinesis - create and manipulate books

    Ø Dendrokinesis - manipulate wood

    Ø Ecological Empathy - feel state of nature.

    Ø Plant Empathy - sense the feelings of

    Ø Florakinesis - create and manipulate

    Ø Mycokinesis - createand manipulate fungi

    Ø Nature Enhancement - heal nature?

    Ø Papyrokinesis - create and manipulate paper

    Ø Plant Growth - accelerate plant growth


    Ø Toxikinesis - manipulate poison.

    Ø Acid Secretion - create acids.

    Ø Acidic Blood - has toxic blood.

    Ø Poison Generation - create poison


    Ø Atmokinesis - manipulate the various
    aspects of the weather by using water, fire, earth, air, and

    Ø Atmokinetic Resistance - immunity to all
    weather-based abilities and effects.

    Ø Atmokinetic Sensing - sense the future
    weather patterns.


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